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Ideas to make your own String Art craft.

We can’t understand how, after so many years of bloging, we haven’t dedicated yet one post to talking about cactus Strings Art! Luckily, today we have thought about it and we have looked for the 10 best cactus String Art, so, here we have our Top 10. As we can see below, some of them are regular cactus or succulent, others are cactus with flowers and others are cactus that can be found in flowerpots or in the plains of the desert. Let’s take a look at these 10 works.


DIY Cactus String Art 3

We love this String Art with three different cactus planted in three pretty pots, each one of a color. Notice that one of them has pretty flowers. You can DIY or buy it on BrittasDreamDesigns.


DIY Cactus String Art 4

Pay attention also to these beautiful succulents and cactus on a dark wood base. We love their shapes and colors. This work was created by Rachel Herring.


DIY Cactus String Art 9

We leave the flowerpots and we take a look at the plains of the desert to imagine a big cactus like this one. It’s a nice piece that you can buy at Etsy or, if tyou prefer Do It Yoursef, so we encourage you to watch this tutorial by Love Tempe.

Here you haver another tutorial step by step by TurquoiseBoutiqueStudio that could help too to make this cactus String Art.


DIY Cactus String Art 8
Sometimes it is very good when we add an object of another material in a String Art work. For example, in the next two cactus String Art, the flower is made of cloth and it looks wonderful. This one is made by BrittasDreamDesigns and the next one with the orange flower is made by Locker Pivots.

DIY Cactus String Art 5



DIY Cactus String Art 10

If the String Art is to decorate a nursery, it is better to make it with soft and pastel colors, like this cactus full of flowers and beautiful details. It’s no longer avaliable on Etsy but you can Do It Yourself having it as a reference.


DIY Cactus String Art

If you are tired of cactus flowers, you can add something more original, like pompoms or colored fringes. You can see the full tutorial step by step visiting Perles and Co.


DIY Cactus String Art 2
In case you would like to add something different on the cactu String Arty, you can also change the base from normal wood piece to a slice of wood. You can buy it on hannahhandcraftedco or take it as an example and try to imitate it.



DIY Cactus String Art 6

Another original way to make these String Art cactus is by drawing them in geometric shapes. It gives a much more modern look. We have found it on Pinterest.


DIY Cactus String Art 7

To finish, we turn it around and we offer you a variety of a geometric String Art with real cactus planted in the wood base, as if they were flowerpots or vertical planters. Is really really original and you can found the whole tutorial step by step on


We wish that all these cactus String Art have pleased you and that you decorate your home walls with them. We encourage you to do it yourselves and tell us how it was. See you soon!

Hello everyone and welcome one more time to our blog. Today we are going to show you some Arabic String Arts where we will see some arabic letters, names in arabic, arabic phrases and islamic verses. Currently I am studying arabic lenguaje and arabic calligraphy and I feel that I am a lover of this culture, so I am going to try to translate each one so you know what it says. Ialla or let’s go!


Let’s start with some arabic letters String Art with beautiful calligraphy.

Arabic String Art Letter guau 2


Arabic String Art Letter guau

The first is the letter “و”, we pronunce it as “waw” if it’s isolated or “uu” if it’s in the middle or the end of a noun. It also works to join two phrases, is our “and”. At the site you can see more works like this one by Emine Kara.

Arabic String Art Letters Fa and Nun

These two letters are the initials of a couple made by A Crafty Arab for their wedding day. These  “ق” (faa) and “ن” (nuun) letters. You can see the full tutorial step by step in his site.


Arabic String Art My Mother

You can also choose to pay tribute to your mother with this fabulous String Art that says “أمي” (Umi), that is “my mother”. We really love this beautiful design by Jwana Al Sha’lan and  you can see more pictures at his Behance Gallery.


Arabic String Art Name Patricia

An excellent option is also a String Art with your name in Arabic. In this created by Monica Artwork we can read “باتريثيا”, witch means Patricia, although it is really written “Baatriiziaa” because the letter “P” and “C” do not exist in Arabic.


Arabic String Art Patience is beautiful

Another idea is to write a beautiful sentence in Arabic, using a beautiful calligraphy, for your String Art. This one says “فصبر حميل” (“fa sabrun jameel”) and it means “patience is beautiful”. We have seen this beautiful Arabic String Art at Izza Shahid Pinterest.



Now we start with religious Arabic String Art.

Arabic String Art Allah

“الله” Allah means God and there are many ways to write it in many different calligraphies, each one more beautiful than the other. You can buy this on Etsy 

Arabic String Art Allah 2

This one is stunning due to its design and the bright green thread used.


Arabic String Art Alhamdulilah

In this other String Art we can read “الحمد لله” (“alhamdulillah”) is literally “Praise be to Lord”, but muslims use it as “Thank Lord”. Pay attention to his beautiful calligraphy! If you like it, it’s avaliable on Etsy.



 Arabic String Art the mercifulArabic String Art the merciful 2

“الرحيم” means “The merciful” and is one of the names of Allah. As you can see in these two islamic String Art, there are many ways to write the same by using several calligprahies and ornaments. The second one it’s on sale at Etsy.


Arabic String Art verse

We finish this article with a verse that says “يا إلهي لا تبعد عني”, meaning “My lord, don’t be far from me” and it’s calligraphy it’s impressive. It0s avaliable on Etsy.

We hope you liked these arabic String Art and see you soon!

Mardi gras is coming, so today we have thought about Louisiana and more specifically, obout New Orleans and we have decided to dedicate an article to Louisiana Themed String Arts. As you can see, there are colors and motifs that are repeated. According to colors, purple and yellow because they are the LSU team colors, as well as the purple, yellow and green because they are Mardi Gras flag colors. Regarding to the motifs, fleur de lis is repeated, emblem of New Orleans, so as the shape of the map of Louisiana and also the eye of the tiger appears, among others.

Let’s take a look to these Louisiana Themed String Arts!


Louisiana Map String Art 2

We start with this Louisiana State map String Art, which has a heart in the middle wearing the colors green, yellow and purple, as well as the initials NOLA, acronym of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Source: ShopAmbiguouS


Louisiana Map String Art 3

We also love this other version of the map of Louisiana filled with threads of the three colors (yellow, purple and green) and the heart in white. More simple but more impressive. Sorry, but we don’t know the source!

Louisiana Map String Art 4

More elegant and sober is this other Louisiana Map String Art with the fleur-de-lis in the middle and wearing the New Orleans Saints team colors.

Source: MCStringArt 

Louisiana Map String Art

Instead of that, you also can fill the Louisiana map using the LSU team colors for the threads, makins strips!

Source: Pinterest 


LSU Tigers String Art 2

Now, let’s focus on LSU football team and this Tiger Eye Fleur de Lis String Art because it’s stunning! As you can see, the tiger eye is inside the fleur-de-lis shape, all using purple, yellow, white and black threads.

Source: Varagesale LSU Tigers String Art

It is also a good option to create a String Art with LSU initials using yellow threads over a purple painted backgorund. A simple and effective design.

Source: Lousiana House


In case you prefer to pay tribute to New Orleans city, then you can make a String Art with its skyline, like this one. As you can see, the design is in negative, since the threads are the sky and in the shape of the buildings.

Source: CactusCustomDesigns 



New Orleans Saints String Art 2

Are you a New Orleans Saints team fan? Then you will love this String Art with the fleur-de-lis on a background of golden brown and black stripes.

Source: TheRusticWillows


New Orleans Saints String Art

As you know, the New Orleans Saints are a football team, so it’s a great idea to make a helmet-shaped string art with the fleur-de-lis inside.



Fleur de Lis Louisiana String Art

If we mix fleur-de-lis shape and yellow, purple and green colours, we have the representation of New Orleans Mardi Gras. So this String Art is wonderful to celebrate that! Sorry, but we haven’t found the source.


We hope you liked these Louisiana Themed String Arts and we encourage you to do a DIY to celebrate the greatness of this state. We hope also to see you soon here, more posts are coming!


Our favorite time of the year has arrived: Christmas is here! And it’s just the time to send Christmas cards to our beloved ones. What do you think if we make them ourselves? Today we propose to you to make String Art Christmas cards with the shape of a christmas tree, an angel or a snowflake. For some of them, we give you the link to visit the tutorial. If not, we provide to you the free pattern or the free template to make it easier. Let’s go!



String Art Christmas Card TreeTo start with, here you have this modern Christmas tree card, very easy to make, including some beads as a decoration. If you add words like “love”, “joy” or “peace” is even more lovely. You can see the full tutorial step by step here: Hello, Wonderful. Simple and funny to make with kids, but be careful with the needle!



String Art Christmas Card Angel

This one it’s also made by Hello, Wonderful, and the process is just the same that the modern tree. Instead of a tree, it’s an blue and white angel. Pay attention to his halo or crown made using silver and very small garlands. So cute!


String Art Christmas Card Snowflake

We have found on Jaded Stephanie Pinterest this wonderful snowflake Christmas Card and we think that it deserve a try because it’s a beautiful, simple and modern design.



String Art Christmas Card Tree 2

If you prefer a traditional christmas tree card instead, here you have another design by dominicInOhio. It’s algo very minimal and elegant. As we can’t bring you the tutorial, here you have a similar patter or template that maybe you can use:




Christmas Tree String Art Card Template


String Art Christmas Card Tree 3


Yes, instead of call it “String aAt card” we can call it “stitched card” because it’s a kind of embroidery work. This project it’s also very easy to make and you can follow all the process step by step by visiting The Twinery. Minimal, elegant and very festive design, indeed, including the calligraphy and the glitter part.




String Art Christmas Card Tree 4

We finish by proposing you this original way to create a Christmas tree String Art card. Its shape is made with red and golden String Art traditional 8, 16, 24, 32 or 40 points stars. Here you have the template to a 16 point star String Art, but the process is the same by multiplying the points.

Circles String Art Card Template


We hope you enjoyed these String Art Christmas Cards. If you decide to make one, please, send us photos to our Twitter or Facebook. Rembeber: @stringartdiy on Twitter and String Art DIY on Facebook. See you soon and happy holidays!

Lately, I’ve noticed that the bakeries near me are beautifully decorated. They are full of colors and details that make them wonderful and, actually, it’s feels nice to be surrounded by such beauty while you are buying, having a coffee or eating a sweet piece of cake. The environment is very important in an establishment, both in the entrance sign, as in the furniture, in the counters, in the tables or in the wall decorations.

Every detail counts to make the customer feel special so today we are going to propose you some String Arts projects to decorate a bakery shop in case you own one inspired by its characteristic elements, such as welcome signs, cupcakes, coffees, and more. Of course, you can do it yourself or buy the String Art at a craft store, as you want, but it’s important that it looks like a craft to create a traditional atmosphere in the bakery shop. That will send the message that your cakes and pastries are also handmade and traditional, as the furniture or the decoration.



Bakery Welcome Signs String Art

We can start by putting a nice String Art sign on the front door to welcome the customers. A sign that says “Bakery”, “Welcome”, “Hello”, “Aloha”, “Hola”, “We are open” or whatever you want. The important thing is to choose well the color, the lettering and the message to give a warm welcome message.



Bakery Cupcake String Art


To decorate the bakery shop walls, it is great to put String Arts bakery products, such as cupcakes or muffins. They are very easy to make and their colors are very attractive for the eyes. We are sure that customers will want to eat one of them!


Donut String Art

Another bakeries star product are the donuts or doughnuts. Its attractive appearance full of colors (especially pink for the base and rainbow sprinkles for the topping) makes it perfect to decorate the walls. In addition, its round shape can be an “O” letter as in the word “Love”.


Coffee String Art


Sometimes, when we are in a bakery shop, we also feel like drinking a cup of coffee or tea, so we think that these Mug String Arts decorated with hearts can also be a good idea as wall decor.



Bakery kitchen String Art

It can also be an original idea to put on the tables small String Arts with forks, knives or spoons and messages like “enjoy” or “bon appétit”.


Nice String Art

Eventually, we would also like to recommend you some String Art that have nothing to do with the bakery, but that could be nice as a wall decoration. Choose colors and elements that combine well with the theme and style of the bakery, such as animals, bicycles, rainbows, flowers, stars, geometric shapes, moustaches, beards, bows… no matter what, but has to be as cute as you can!

We hope you like these String Art ideas and that they inspire you to create your own projects to decorate your bakery shop. Thanks for reading us and see you soon!



Hello everyone! Today we bring you a new String Art that is very easy to make, perfect to make it at fall season. Since it is very simple, it’s suitable to make with children, but always with adult supervision, due to the fact that we are using nails and hammers. As you can see on the frame, it’s a fall leaft String Art. Let’s take a look to this video tutorial by regalamanualidades.

The best thing about this project is that you do not even need a leaf tree template, you can directly use a sycamore leaf, a maple leaf, a tulip tree leaf or no matter what leaf found at the woods in autumn as a template. Put it on the wooden board and put the nails around it, as you usually do with paper templates.

It would be perfect if you can buy a gradient yarn or gradient thread from orange to black or brown, as the used in the tutorial. If you cannot,  then buy orange, dark orange, ocher and dark brown threads and make several layers to get the gradient effect. Pay attention to the end of the video, where we see how to tie the last thread, creating a special knot to fix the thread and be sure that it will not untie.

We hope that you liked this Sting Art and that you fell fancy going the forest to find a few dry leaves to use as a template and make projects as beautiful as this one to decorate your house in the fall season.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please, share it with your friends so that they can also do this beautiful craft with their kids or their art students. We hope to see you soon! Until then, have a happy autumn.



Halloween is coming and now it’s the perfect time to start to make Halloween themed crafts and projects. Previously, we have posted Three Halloween animals: bat, spider and cat String Art and some Pumpking String Art, but today we are inspired by the quote “You say witch like it’s a bad thing” and we are fancy focusing on witch String Art projects. So let’s go!


Witch of Oz String Art


Our favorite project is this one by Strings by Samantha. As you can see by the shape and the colour, it’s a Wizard of Oz String Art and it’s absolutely perfect to decorate a Halloween party or to put in your home, café or shop to create this terrific and classical atmosphere.


Witch of Oz free template

To make yourself this wonderful String Art, maybe it’s a good idea to download this template for free. Print it, put it on the wooden board and hammer the nails around the silhouette. Then, cross the green Strings as you see on the image.


Witch Hat String Art

The second idea that we suggest is this Witch Hat String art with the belt in purple made by MavellaDesigns. This one it’s easy to make and you only need a wooden board, nails and purple, black and white strings.


Witch Hat free template

If you feel like doing this Witch Hat String Art yourself, here you have this printable free template. Its shape it’s very similar to the previous String Art.



Witch Hat String Art 2

If you prefer the orange colour to suit with the pumpkins, maybe you can change the designs and put the witch hat belt in orange, like MBWoodenCreations has done in this creation. Really lovely, don’t you think so?

As always, we hope that you have loved these witch String Art and that, now, you feel like making it right now! See you soon!



Hi, guys! How are you doing? Today we want to bring some magic to this blog and we are show you how to make an unicorn String Art step by step with this wonderful tutorial made by Jorge de la tierra.

Isn’t it lovely? We miss just one thing. It would be even more lovely if you write the quote “I don’t believe in humans”. This sentence will make the String Art more funny and clever.


  • Pattern
  • Wood Board
  • Round Headed Nails
  • Hammer
  • White, yellow, purple, blue and pink strings.


Unicorn free templateWe haven’t found exactly the same pattern as Jorge de la Tierra uses in this video. But we have searched for a similar one and we offer you this one by Tatiane Xavier. We have fllipped it like a mirror to try to be more similar. Obviously, you can download this unicorn free pattern for free. Print it and use like a patter.


As you can see in the step by step, the process is just the same as always. First of all, you have to paint the wooden board in black or in a dark colour. This way, the unicorn shape will shine out and the colours of his hair will stand out.

Then, you have to hold the pattern and hammer the nails following the unicorn shape and the most important lines, like his mouht, eyes, strips and hair waves.

After that, you have to start filling with white threads the unicorn head. The following step is to fill the air and the corn using yellow, purple, blue and pink strings. The last step is to make the blue eye.

We hope that you have enjoyed this post with the template and instructions to make an unicorn String Art. If so, please, share it on your social networks. See you soon!


Ooh, Game of Thrones Season 7 is over! We heard through the grapevine that maybe we have to wait 2 years until the season 8 comes, so… hard times are coming! To cheer ourselves up, maybe we can make some Game of Thrones String Art to be surrounded of its emblems and symbols, so let’s pick up some ideas.



Game of Thrones String Art, house Stark 1

This House Stark Wolf String Art is just perfect. Made by Christine Alice, she has chosen the white strings for the direwolf shape and a black chalkboard as background. She has added also the popular quote “Winter is coming” painted with white chalk.


Game of Thrones String Art, house Stark 2

This House Stark emblem String Art made by RealArtCraft is really awesome and it has a lot of details thanks to the fact of adding some black treads to draw the face and the fur of the direwolf.


Game of Thrones String Art, House Stark 3

GeneticPotentialArt has created a very nice String Art by joining the Stark direwolf with the Weirwood , the white tree with red leaves where Bran Stark has their visions in Winterfell. In addition, we could see also the “House Stark’s ancestral sword, Ice.



Game of Thrones String Art, house Targaryen 2

Maybe you prefer the House Targaryen and its dragons! If so, here you have this wonderful Targaryen House Emblem String Art with a red dragon made by Steller Made Creations. Impressive!

Game of Thrones String Art, house Targaryen

In case you don’t know it, “Fire and Blood” is the tenth and final episode of the first season of Game of Thrones when the dragons are born, but also the name of unpublished book where George R. R. Martin where explains the complete history of House Targaryen. In this Strin Art made by BasementArtDesign we can see these two words and the dragon emblem of this house.



Game of Thrones String Art, house Lannister

In case you prefer the dark side and you really enjoy the evil plans of the Lannister, specially Cersei, we are sure that you would love this House Lannister String Art with it’s symbol, the golden lion. You can elarn how to make it step by step thanks to this tutorial on Imgur.



Game of Thrones String Art, Westeros Map



If you can decide what house you love the most, maybe it’s a good idea just make a Westeros Map String Art. All the Seven Kingdoms in your home! This String Art is made by BeauGrandMonde and is awesome.


Have you liked these Game of Thrones String Art? If so, make on and send us a picture or leave us a comment. Thanks for reading and have a nice waiting!


Yeees, we are in summer we live next to the ocean (but we are not on holiday, sniff). Whatever, we enjoy very much going to the beach, having walks and see and smell the salty air. As usual, we see many boats and they inspire us to create new projects and write new posts like this one. Today we are going to show us a special selection of Boat String Art DIY projects to decorate a coastal home, a nursery, a beach restaurant or café.


Boat String Art Free Printable Pattern

The first thing is to get a free printable pattern to make a Boat String Art like this one. You can download it free, as usual, and we think that this will be very useful for you.


This vintage Boat String Art is just perfect and was made by HammerAndTwine using the previously pattern or template. As you can see, it’s a good choice the wooden board and the white threads. Lovely!


Boat String Art DIYMonique Hansen has created this Boat String Art also using the template provided but she has decided to use a black wooden board and thre colourful threads: yellow, pink and mint. Very nice choice. Boat String Art 2

Obviously, you can use also another pattern or template to create different Boat String Art like this one made by La Hilería. In our opinion, it’s also a wise choice to paint the board in navy blue, so this blue remember to the sea and, the boat sails tend to be white, so the white threads are just perfect.


Boat String Art 3

Here you have another Boat String Art design, more traditional because of the colors used by VeesVintage. Indeed, it’s a vintage one! Pay attention to the seagulls because they look nice on this project.


Boat String Art Nursery

UrbanHoot has impressed us with this lovely Boat String Art design, suitable for a nursery wall decoration, don’t you think so?

Have you enjoyed this post? If so, please, share it and comment your impressions. Thanks!

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