Ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own String Art


Sunlit tree string art

Surrounding oneself with forests and nature is always comforting for the human being. In fact, there are even initiatives such as forest therapy where they echo this and propose a therapeutic approach to forests to reduce stress and to solve behavioral problems.
Another way to reduce stress is through crafts, so we propose to combine the theme of forests with String Art and we are going to propose a series of String Art Trees projects, see what you think.

Materials and steps

Before we start with the ideas, let’s go over the list of materials needed to make these projects:

  • A wooden board
  • A template with the drawing
  • Nails
  • Colored threads
  • Hammer

Once we have what we need, the process is very simple, since you will only have to go over the silhouette of the template nailing nails, and then the process will consist of knotting the threads to the nails and taking them from one end to the other until the figure is completed.

In case the String Art is in negative, you will have to nail the nails around the boards and fill the space, leaving the figure without threads inside.

Now that we know the process, we can take a look at these ideas.

Winter Tree Silhouette

¨Silhouette tree string art

We can start with a simple and very elegant figure. This is a String Art with the silhouette of a tree in winter that has no leaves, but only its trunk and branches. This String Art is in negative, the silhouette of the tree itself is left without threads, the space around it is filled. Really minimalist and ideal for decorating a modern room.

Oak Tree String Art

Here we have one of the most emblematic trees of the United States, the oak, a tree that has meaning and symbolism of longevity, strength, stability, endurance, fertility, power, justice, and honesty. Here is another beautiful String Art in negative, as the figure of the oak is without threads, and the white threads surround the silhouette of this majestic and powerful tree.

A classic style fir tree

Fir Tree String Art

Can you imagine walking through a forest full of fir trees? It’s a very wintry, even Christmassy scene that is truly beautiful. To penetrate such a forest using all five senses can be an almost mystical experience. In fact, in this link you can learn more about the benefits of forest bathing: If you can’t go to the forest, you can bring the forest to your home and make one or several String Arts of fir trees, like the one in the photo, with a very classic String Art style, old style.

Tree of Life String Art

Tree of life String Art

The tree of life is another tree that has a lot of significance. In Celtic mythology, the Crann Bethadh (Tree of Life), represents the invisible threads that connect all the elements of the world. The roots descend into the underworld (the world of the dead) and connect to the ancestors. The trunk represents the earthly plane where we live in the here and now…. What we like about this craft is that it mixes several techniques and that it goes out of the box. It is beautiful.

Bonsai String Art

Bonsai String Art

We finish with another minimalist and zen idea. This is a String Art of a beautiful bonsai. It is simple to make and the result is very soothing and relaxing.

Did you like these String Art Trees ideas? Let’s hope so and that you are encouraged to make one yourself. Relax and love!

Frenchie bulldog String Art

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Minimalist decoration has taken a turn for the better in recent years. From a Nordic decoration with very polished and straight lines, it has given way to a more modern and natural decoration, with curved shapes in architecture and furniture, as we can see in, all decorated in beige tones as a background, but with the presence of warm colors like mustard or terracotta. On the other hand, exotic plants are a must, as well as elements of traditional pottery or handicrafts.
At this point, in the craftsmanship, we come to the String Art pieces, so we are going to propose some that we believe can look perfectly in a decoration of this style.

3D String Art Human Hand

3D wire string art
Source: Expormim

As we see in the image above, the volume is important in this type of decoration, so we can put a String Art directly on the wall to recreate the 3D effect, or we can choose to make a Wire Art and hang it from the ceiling for certain corners or areas of the house. In this case, the shape of the human hand is spectacular.

The important thing is to play with round shapes, curves and volumes that match the architecture (arches, staircases…) and furniture (chairs, sofas, tables…).

Curvilinear figures

String Art female line

Again we emphasize the curves and the female body is usually a sample of it, therefore, subtle and minimalist String Art with the figure of a woman’s body in elegant or suggestive positions may be the ideal complement to this curvilinear furniture.

In addition, they are very easy to make, since it is enough to glue the thread on a white background recreating those lines and frame it, as we can see in the photo above.

Human profiles

Gavin Woth Wire Art
Source: Gavin Worth

We can not leave behind the idea of the human body in this type of decorations, so we have found these wonderful wire sculptures by Gavin Worth inspired by the human anatomy. Although they are made with wire on a wooden board, think that you can recreate these figures with a String Art on the wall and the effect will be very similar.

Face Shadows

String Art face shadows
Source: Etsy

The innocence of a child’s face, with its curved, graceful and tender forms, is perfect for this type of decoration, so a String Art where these faces appear formed by the contrast between the shadows and the white of the background canvas is touching.

A painting intervened with threads

String Art Human body
Source: Expormim

Also in expormim we have seen this painting to decorate a space that is between the interior and exterior of the house, such as a porch, with a spectacular Japanese concept sofa. Notice that the human figure is again present, and from it come out lines as if they were branches and leaves of trees. Here the idea is to intervene a painted picture and replace or give volume to those fine lines with threads. The result is striking and overwhelming.

So far our proposals of String Arts, Wire Arts or Interventions with thread inspired by the human body to decorate a minimalist room according to the current precepts. We hope you liked them!

Gambling and betting is a real passion in many parts of the world, but especially in the United States, where it is a way of life and even a lifestyle. The thrill of gambling is something that adds spice to life and millions of Americans play games such as Live Casino Online or go to land-based casinos on a daily basis.

But it’s not only about casinos, poker games are also common among friends as a form of entertainment, so today we are going to propose a series of String Art for lovers of games like poker and that will serve to decorate the room where they usually meet to play these games, whether the living room, a separate room in the house, the garage or the typical man cave, so let’s take a look!

Poker symbols

Poker String Art

Obviously, the best way to decorate a poker room is with a string Art of poker cards, so a String Art that includes the best-known cards or symbols will look great, even for those who do not play poker, such as clubs (♣), diamonds (♦), hearts (♥), and spades (♠).

The predominant colors in these cards are red and black, so these are the two colors with which the String Art should be made, like we can see on the image above. On a dark wooden background, they look beautiful!

Casino Wheel String Art

Casino Wheel String Art

The casino wheel is another of the predominant elements in a casino and it draws a lot of attention with its numbers, colors and movement, so another great idea to decorate a room inspired by a casino is with a String Art inspired by the wheel and that be able to transmit that movement, mixed with the neon lights that usually exist in casinos and the movement of people coming and going.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to las vegas string art

If there is a city that is the “Mecca” for people who like to gamble, this is undoubtedly Las Vegas, as it is the place where there are the most casinos and where the most famous are located. One of the best-known items is his well-known sign “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada”, so we think it’s an extraordinary idea to make a String Art with this sign and decorate it with some light bulbs. Don’t you think it’s spectacular? I want to make it right now, the man cave will look amazing!

Casino Chips String Art

Casino chip String Art

Another element that is an indisputable symbol of casinos are the casino chips, therefore, it may also be a good idea to carry out a String Art with casino chips in a realistic or slightly inspired way, like the one we see in the proposal made in the image above.

Dice String Art

String Art Casino

In a game of chance, the dice cannot be missing, they are the ones that often decide if we win or lose and they are a symbol of chance. Go ahead and design a String Art with one or more falling dice, black and white, and it will look fantastic.

In short, all these ideas to decorate a room for the game are excellent, so you can get down to work right now. We do not want to finish telling you that if you want to find the Best Odds in Casino, in this link you have all the information. Play responsibly!

Living with muscle pain in different parts of the body affects our daily life, whether for work or for activities or hobbies that we enjoy, such as String Art or any other activity where a bodily activity is necessary and indispensable.

That is why it is necessary to look for solutions to improve these pains, usually in the neck, different parts of the back, arms, legs or hands. Many of them are the result of having a bad body posture while working or sleeping for years, while others are caused by falls or accidents. Whatever the case, especially if it is a postural pain that causes swelling or inflammation, we are going to introduce you to three products that will relieve pain in these areas so you can improve your quality of life and perform daily tasks with less pain.

Heating pads for neck pain

Heat pack microwave neck pain relief

The first product we want to talk about is the microwave heating pad for neck pain relief. You probably already know about these pads, but just in case, we want to tell you more about them. They are made of quality cotton fabric with different prints that have Flax Seeds and lavender inside. Their main feature is that they can be put in the microwave for a time determined by the manufacturer and then placed on the shoulders. In this way, they relieve muscle pain in the neck, shoulders and trapezius, relaxing the area. You can wear it while reading, studying, writing or even working at the computer.

Gel Ice Packs for Elbow & Arms

Gel ice pack for elbow

The second product we want to talk about is the Gel Ice Packs for Elbow & Arms, which you can find in stores like feelrecovery, specialized in this type of products. The process is simple, since you only have to put the gel in the freezer for a while, put it inside the compression band so that the cold does not burn your skin and then put it on the area you have inflamed, which can be the upper arm or elbow. The cold will help reduce swelling and will make it less painful to play sports, write, cook or do any manual labor.

Knee Compression Sleeve

Knee brace support

Another of the areas of the body that suffer most is the knee, since they support a large part of the body weight and suffer a lot in certain sports where there is rebound, such as running, soccer or basketball. To relieve knee pain, a good product is the Knee Compression Sleeve, as it helps reduce swelling caused by tendonitis and other common knee injuries, such as sprains, dislocations, bursitis, MCL Injury and many more that often affect many people, especially athletes.

By reducing pain throughout the neck and shoulder area, as well as in the arms, elbows and knee, you will see your quality of life improve and you can return to your hobbies. If your lumbar or other areas of your legs, even your feet, are sore, keep looking, as there are specific products for each part of your body.

In these times, with so much competition and so many hyper-specialized jobs, it is not enough to study a degree, but it is increasingly important to study a postgraduate or master’s degree as well. Masters allow you to specialize in a specific area and it will be easier for you to find a job, especially if that master’s degree can provide you with an internship in a company in the sector.

Today we are going to talk about studying a Architecture Master in Europe and the many advantages it offers and the wide range of possibilities it will open up for you. We will answer the most important questions about this program, so pay attention!

Which master degree is worth studying?

One masterthat has caught our attention has been the MCH: Master in City & Housing. It’s a postgraduate international professional program of architecture design in cities, housing and energy studies.

Where in Europe?

This master degree is presented by Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (UPM) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and tooks place in ETSA Madrid. This postgraduate course has been running for 11 years and is the best valued by professionals in the sector.

When I have to apply?

Next edition of MCH: Master in City & Housing will start in January 2021, so it’s time to apply because it’s already opened, although you have until December 31th 2020 or until the vacancies are filled.

How long does the master last ?

The Master in City & Housing lasts 7 months of lessons and there is a final submission in October. So, the course will start January 13th and will end in October 19th. The program consists of 600 hours which is equivalent to 60 ETCS.

Why study MCH?

There are many reasons to study this master’s degree, but we believe the main ones are that it’s practice-oriented, the teachers come from all over the world and are great professionals with a high profile and specializes in fields such as energy and sustainability, housing theory, Urban design, business, management & international activity, among other very interestinf areas. All this makes it a very complete master degree and, of course, the language is English.

What diploma do I get?

When you finish the lessons and the final submission successfully, you will get the UPM / ETH Diploma: “Master of Advanced Studies UPM/ETH in Collective Housing“. You must think that ETH Zurich is one of the most prestigious technology university in the world and officially recognizes MCH as one of its MAS programs.

Who are the teachers?

We have already mentioned that all the teachers of the master are great professionals of architecture and are specialized in one area. Among the professors, there are Jacob van Rij, André Kempe, Javier García Germán, Andrés Cánovas, Atxu Amann, Dietmar Eberle, Nicolas Maruri, Alison Brooks, Andrea Deplazes and many others.

How much does the master cost?

Certainly the price of the master is not cheap, it’s 19,300 € and the accomodation needed during the study trips abroad is included in the tuition fee price.

In general, the opinions of the students who have studied this master’s course are very good, so we encourage you to take a look at their website to get to know the whole programme of studies, see the complete list of teachers and lecturers, and read the students’ opinions.
We hope this information has been of interest to you!

In these times when selling products online, either on your own website or through platforms like Etsy, product photography is more important than ever. A good product picture will attract more attention from potential buyers on your social networks or in your online store, they will be able to see the product in more detail, seen from several angles, and even with a 360° view, which will be more eye-catching and will increase your sales.

This article is going to give you tips and tricks to improve your String Art photography in order to sell more items in your online store. You can take a look at these Websites for Photographers, as there are many examples of how well these product pictures look on websites.


Tips to improve String Art pictures, natural lighting
String Art picture with natural lighting

One of the most important things in photography, if not the most important, is lighting. Think that photography, in fact, as capturing light or capturing the image that light projects. Therefore, pay attention to it more than anything else. Light can be natural or studio lighting.

Daylight photography is very attractive for this type of product as a String Art. Try to take photos in the early morning or in the late afternoon, when the sun is out. If you don’t have a patio or garden, place the product very close to the window and put a white cardboard or aluminum foil on the other side to reflect the light and balance the shadows.

In studio lighting, place the lights so that they do not create a shadow or, if not, buy a lighting box or softbox, ¡they are very cheap and you will not need spotlights or diffusers.


Tips to improve String Art pictures, composition
A very good composition to show some String Art pieces

Composition is yet a very important point in product photography. It is difficult to achieve, but it can be done, especially if you look at the pictures of big brands. For example, the pictures of a the String Art piece will be better if you put some elements such as flowers or plants around it. t will give it a more attractive, homelike and natural look.


Tips to improve String Art pictures, put on a shelf
String Art on a shelf

To give the future buyer an idea of String Art size and its style, it is a good idea to take a picture of how looks hanged on the wall together with other pictures or on top of a shelf. It will give the costumer a real aspect and also give him inspiration about the decoration or where to place it.


Tips to improve String Art pictures, photo editing
Easy String Art Photo Editionm with Snapseed

Perhaps it is too difficult for you to do a Photoshop course, but in most cases it is necessary to retouch the images a little with an editing program. We recommend you an application called Snapseed with which it is easy to retouch the lighting and the colours of the pictures to make them look better.

Of course, whenever possible, we also recommend using a tripod for better focus on long exposures, as well as using an SLR camera. However, smartphones take better pictures every day, so it is not strictly necessary to use a semi-professional camera to get good product pictures.

We hope that these tips will help you to improve your String Arts pictures and that you will be very successful in your online sales.

If it is one thing we take pride on, it is providing a fun and unforgettable experience in each of our escape games.

Escapehour is where you will be tasked to choose between one of four exit games. Each one gives you a different set of tasks to complete the mission. Throughout the game, you will find clues, riddles, and surprises that you were not expecting. As you move further towards solving the mission, it would help if you brought a large group with you. When that happens, you are going to find out what is your purpose in the group. Are you the one who will lead the group and assign to tasks to everyone? Perhaps, you’re the one who will attempt to find all the hidden objects.

Find out why we are one of the best-rated escape games in Edmonton. When you go there, you are going to meet people from everywhere in Calgary. Before the game, you will be forced to surrender all your gadgets and wallets inside a locker room. No need to worry though because we guarantee your personal belongings will be safe with us. All our games are challenging and you won’t be doing it alone. In fact, we allow a minimum of 2 players for all the exit games. How you divide the work between your team will be completely up to you.

We are always taking your comments and suggestions in order to make our exit games the best experience possible. We would want nothing more than to satisfy you in every way possible. Thus, if you want to make a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can expect our rooms to be designed perfectly. We hired the best designers in Edmonton to come up with the best designs possible. You will definitely want to take a picture inside the exit rooms but that is not allowed or that would spoil future participants.

All our rooms including the Lost Jewel of Zanzibar and Curse of the Evil Genie are all original. You will certainly not see these concepts in other escape rooms all over Calgary. For any reservations, better email them at [email protected]. It would definitely be best to reserve several weeks in advance or else your preferred day may run out of slots. Also, if you are having a hard time figuring out how to get there, they can help too.

Hi, guys! How are you doing? As we have already told you several times in this blog, String Art can be make on different supports or surfaces. The most common is wood, but you can also make it on a wall, on cardboard or on canvas. Today we are going to speak about make String Art DIY on canvas , since it has many advantages. First of all, it is easier and more comfortable to do, since you do not have to nail nails into wood, but into canvas fabric. In fact, if you want to, you can use very small nails or even pins or thumbtacks, as we will see in the images below. On the other hand, you can make very special String Art using personalised canvas so you can give an extra 3D sensation for the picture or to create an awesome background with the design or photo you wish. So we are going to see a few images of String Art made on canvas and you will see their particularities and differences respect to ones made on wood.

String Art on canvas

As we have said, you can customize the canvas yourself or order a personalised canvas with a photo or a design on the Internet. In this case, they have made a modern graffiti background.

String Art on canvas 5

In this other String Art the background is personalised with printed sentences in blue and stamps that complement the marine and travel essence of the piece.

String Art on canvas 4

The canvas can be the size you want and the color you want. In this piece of work they have decided to personalise the canvas with black fabric and they have made a String Art of a simple star using red thread.


String Art on canvas 10

Pay attention at this String Art because it is different from the rest. First, because they have chosen a printed and customized fabric for the background and, second, because the technique is different. The boat shape is made with thread or string, yes, but glued to the canvas fabric!

String Art on canvas 8

In this case the background is not personalised but we want to show you that it is a String Art on canvas and that thumbtacks have been used instead of nails and the result is cool.

String Art on canvas 7

Here you have a small and delicate dandelion String Art on canvas and the special thing about this technique is that pins are used and gives the feeling that it is an embroidery.

String Art on canvas 8


Here we have a String Art with the name Cecilia. We think that it would have been a good idea to personalise the canvas with a photo of the person you are going to give the String Art as a gift.

String Art on canvas 11

This map String Art on canvas is almost perfect, but imagine that the background has something to do with the most characteristic of the state, it would have added an extra touch.
We hope that you have enjoyed these String Art on personalised canvas and that you use this technique in your next works to make them even more personal and special. See you soon!


Usually we show you handmade String Art projects made on a board or framed. Sometimes, we also bring you DIY String Art nailed on the wall. A house or a shop or café wall. However, today we want to show you a wonderful piece of art, a on-site installation made with strings and threads nailed on reinforced concreted walls.

String Art on-site installation 2



This is Prism, an installation made by the artist Ines Esnal and brings a colorful and and optical illusion to the lobby of a residential building at 205 Water Street, Dumbo (Brooklyn, New York).

Here you could see more images by Cameron R Neilson.

String Art on-site installation String Art on-site installation 3String Art on-site installation 4


Have you enjoyed it? Maybe it’s a big project to make by yourself, but we encourage you to take the basic idea of this installation and make something similar on a wall in your home, on a living-room roof corner or maybe in your porch or balcony.


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