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Custom QR code

QR codes, which in case you didn’t know are the acronym for Quick Response, have entered our lives a few years ago, and it seems that they are here to stay, since it is undoubtedly a very powerful tool for the business world.

This type of codes allow many improvements in different business processes that makes them more efficient, as well as facilitates and improves the experience with customers in different situations. Let’s know all the ways in which a QR code, which are easy to create using a qr code generator, can help your business.

Differences between dynamic and static QRs

Before going on to know everything that a QR code can do good for your company, let’s know the difference between a static QR and a dynamic one. Static QR Codes cannot be changed once they are created and printed on a menu, flyer or any other document. In the event that the link is broken, nothing can be done, other than to reprint a new one. Dynamic QR Codes, on the other hand, are editable and can be modified in real time, which makes things much easier.

In addition, there are qr code generators, such as QRFY, with which you can create custom QRs with your logo, color or use the predefined templates.

It also helps you to control the number of scans performed per day, country, city, browser, language and you can export all this information.

Benefits of QR codes for your company

Now that we know how qr can be customized and all the additional information you can get with them, let’s see all the benefits it can bring to your business, whether small or large.

Easy access to information

The best thing about QR is how easy it is for the customer to access information about your business, whether it’s contact details, such as website, phone number or social media profile, or a price list or restaurant menu. Now everyone has an app installed to scan QR codes or do it with Google Lens.

Reservations and check-in

QR codes are also proving to be a very useful tool in all businesses where a reservation has to be made, for example, in a hotel, a restaurant or even in any business that offers a service to the public with a specific schedule, such as a beauty salon. When the reservation is made, a Qr code is generated. Upon arrival at the site, the person at the reception desk scans it in a second and obtains all the reservation data to verify it and register it in the system.

Promotions and discounts

Qr codes are also increasingly involved in checkout processes, but they are even more useful when it comes to applying discounts they have obtained through the store’s app, for example. In this way, you build customer confidence and build customer loyalty.

In short, QR codes can do a lot for the efficiency of your business and for the improvement of customer experience, so keep them in mind in your daily processes and you will all benefit.

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