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Sunlit tree string art

Surrounding oneself with forests and nature is always comforting for the human being. In fact, there are even initiatives such as forest therapy where they echo this and propose a therapeutic approach to forests to reduce stress and to solve behavioral problems.
Another way to reduce stress is through crafts, so we propose to combine the theme of forests with String Art and we are going to propose a series of String Art Trees projects, see what you think.

Materials and steps

Before we start with the ideas, let’s go over the list of materials needed to make these projects:

  • A wooden board
  • A template with the drawing
  • Nails
  • Colored threads
  • Hammer

Once we have what we need, the process is very simple, since you will only have to go over the silhouette of the template nailing nails, and then the process will consist of knotting the threads to the nails and taking them from one end to the other until the figure is completed.

In case the String Art is in negative, you will have to nail the nails around the boards and fill the space, leaving the figure without threads inside.

Now that we know the process, we can take a look at these ideas.

Winter Tree Silhouette

¨Silhouette tree string art

We can start with a simple and very elegant figure. This is a String Art with the silhouette of a tree in winter that has no leaves, but only its trunk and branches. This String Art is in negative, the silhouette of the tree itself is left without threads, the space around it is filled. Really minimalist and ideal for decorating a modern room.

Oak Tree String Art

Here we have one of the most emblematic trees of the United States, the oak, a tree that has meaning and symbolism of longevity, strength, stability, endurance, fertility, power, justice, and honesty. Here is another beautiful String Art in negative, as the figure of the oak is without threads, and the white threads surround the silhouette of this majestic and powerful tree.

A classic style fir tree

Fir Tree String Art

Can you imagine walking through a forest full of fir trees? It’s a very wintry, even Christmassy scene that is truly beautiful. To penetrate such a forest using all five senses can be an almost mystical experience. In fact, in this link you can learn more about the benefits of forest bathing: If you can’t go to the forest, you can bring the forest to your home and make one or several String Arts of fir trees, like the one in the photo, with a very classic String Art style, old style.

Tree of Life String Art

Tree of life String Art

The tree of life is another tree that has a lot of significance. In Celtic mythology, the Crann Bethadh (Tree of Life), represents the invisible threads that connect all the elements of the world. The roots descend into the underworld (the world of the dead) and connect to the ancestors. The trunk represents the earthly plane where we live in the here and now…. What we like about this craft is that it mixes several techniques and that it goes out of the box. It is beautiful.

Bonsai String Art

Bonsai String Art

We finish with another minimalist and zen idea. This is a String Art of a beautiful bonsai. It is simple to make and the result is very soothing and relaxing.

Did you like these String Art Trees ideas? Let’s hope so and that you are encouraged to make one yourself. Relax and love!

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