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Minimalist decoration has taken a turn for the better in recent years. From a Nordic decoration with very polished and straight lines, it has given way to a more modern and natural decoration, with curved shapes in architecture and furniture, as we can see in, all decorated in beige tones as a background, but with the presence of warm colors like mustard or terracotta. On the other hand, exotic plants are a must, as well as elements of traditional pottery or handicrafts.
At this point, in the craftsmanship, we come to the String Art pieces, so we are going to propose some that we believe can look perfectly in a decoration of this style.

3D String Art Human Hand

3D wire string art
Source: Expormim

As we see in the image above, the volume is important in this type of decoration, so we can put a String Art directly on the wall to recreate the 3D effect, or we can choose to make a Wire Art and hang it from the ceiling for certain corners or areas of the house. In this case, the shape of the human hand is spectacular.

The important thing is to play with round shapes, curves and volumes that match the architecture (arches, staircases‚Ķ) and furniture (chairs, sofas, tables…).

Curvilinear figures

String Art female line

Again we emphasize the curves and the female body is usually a sample of it, therefore, subtle and minimalist String Art with the figure of a woman’s body in elegant or suggestive positions may be the ideal complement to this curvilinear furniture.

In addition, they are very easy to make, since it is enough to glue the thread on a white background recreating those lines and frame it, as we can see in the photo above.

Human profiles

Gavin Woth Wire Art
Source: Gavin Worth

We can not leave behind the idea of the human body in this type of decorations, so we have found these wonderful wire sculptures by Gavin Worth inspired by the human anatomy. Although they are made with wire on a wooden board, think that you can recreate these figures with a String Art on the wall and the effect will be very similar.

Face Shadows

String Art face shadows
Source: Etsy

The innocence of a child’s face, with its curved, graceful and tender forms, is perfect for this type of decoration, so a String Art where these faces appear formed by the contrast between the shadows and the white of the background canvas is touching.

A painting intervened with threads

String Art Human body
Source: Expormim

Also in expormim we have seen this painting to decorate a space that is between the interior and exterior of the house, such as a porch, with a spectacular Japanese concept sofa. Notice that the human figure is again present, and from it come out lines as if they were branches and leaves of trees. Here the idea is to intervene a painted picture and replace or give volume to those fine lines with threads. The result is striking and overwhelming.

So far our proposals of String Arts, Wire Arts or Interventions with thread inspired by the human body to decorate a minimalist room according to the current precepts. We hope you liked them!

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