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Hi, guys! How are you doing? As we have already told you several times in this blog, String Art can be make on different supports or surfaces. The most common is wood, but you can also make it on a wall, on cardboard or on canvas. Today we are going to speak about make String Art DIY on canvas , since it has many advantages. First of all, it is easier and more comfortable to do, since you do not have to nail nails into wood, but into canvas fabric. In fact, if you want to, you can use very small nails or even pins or thumbtacks, as we will see in the images below. On the other hand, you can make very special String Art using personalised canvas so you can give an extra 3D sensation for the picture or to create an awesome background with the design or photo you wish. So we are going to see a few images of String Art made on canvas and you will see their particularities and differences respect to ones made on wood.

String Art on canvas

As we have said, you can customize the canvas yourself or order a personalised canvas with a photo or a design on the Internet. In this case, they have made a modern graffiti background.

String Art on canvas 5

In this other String Art the background is personalised with printed sentences in blue and stamps that complement the marine and travel essence of the piece.

String Art on canvas 4

The canvas can be the size you want and the color you want. In this piece of work they have decided to personalise the canvas with black fabric and they have made a String Art of a simple star using red thread.


String Art on canvas 10

Pay attention at this String Art because it is different from the rest. First, because they have chosen a printed and customized fabric for the background and, second, because the technique is different. The boat shape is made with thread or string, yes, but glued to the canvas fabric!

String Art on canvas 8

In this case the background is not personalised but we want to show you that it is a String Art on canvas and that thumbtacks have been used instead of nails and the result is cool.

String Art on canvas 7

Here you have a small and delicate dandelion String Art on canvas and the special thing about this technique is that pins are used and gives the feeling that it is an embroidery.

String Art on canvas 8


Here we have a String Art with the name Cecilia. We think that it would have been a good idea to personalise the canvas with a photo of the person you are going to give the String Art as a gift.

String Art on canvas 11

This map String Art on canvas is almost perfect, but imagine that the background has something to do with the most characteristic of the state, it would have added an extra touch.
We hope that you have enjoyed these String Art on personalised canvas and that you use this technique in your next works to make them even more personal and special. See you soon!


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