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House Stark

Ooh, Game of Thrones Season 7 is over! We heard through the grapevine that maybe we have to wait 2 years until the season 8 comes, so… hard times are coming! To cheer ourselves up, maybe we can make some Game of Thrones String Art to be surrounded of its emblems and symbols, so let’s pick up some ideas.



Game of Thrones String Art, house Stark 1

This House Stark Wolf String Art is just perfect. Made by Christine Alice, she has chosen the white strings for the direwolf shape and a black chalkboard as background. She has added also the popular quote “Winter is coming” painted with white chalk.


Game of Thrones String Art, house Stark 2

This House Stark emblem String Art made by RealArtCraft is really awesome and it has a lot of details thanks to the fact of adding some black treads to draw the face and the fur of the direwolf.


Game of Thrones String Art, House Stark 3

GeneticPotentialArt has created a very nice String Art by joining the Stark direwolf with the Weirwood , the white tree with red leaves where Bran Stark has their visions in Winterfell. In addition, we could see also the “House Stark’s ancestral sword, Ice.



Game of Thrones String Art, house Targaryen 2

Maybe you prefer the House Targaryen and its dragons! If so, here you have this wonderful Targaryen House Emblem String Art with a red dragon made by Steller Made Creations. Impressive!

Game of Thrones String Art, house Targaryen

In case you don’t know it, “Fire and Blood” is the tenth and final episode of the first season of Game of Thrones when the dragons are born, but also the name of unpublished book where George R. R. Martin where explains the complete history of House Targaryen. In this Strin Art made by BasementArtDesign we can see these two words and the dragon emblem of this house.



Game of Thrones String Art, house Lannister

In case you prefer the dark side and you really enjoy the evil plans of the Lannister, specially Cersei, we are sure that you would love this House Lannister String Art with it’s symbol, the golden lion. You can elarn how to make it step by step thanks to this tutorial on Imgur.



Game of Thrones String Art, Westeros Map



If you can decide what house you love the most, maybe it’s a good idea just make a Westeros Map String Art. All the Seven Kingdoms in your home! This String Art is made by BeauGrandMonde and is awesome.


Have you liked these Game of Thrones String Art? If so, make on and send us a picture or leave us a comment. Thanks for reading and have a nice waiting!


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