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Mardi gras is coming, so today we have thought about Louisiana and more specifically, obout New Orleans and we have decided to dedicate an article to Louisiana Themed String Arts. As you can see, there are colors and motifs that are repeated. According to colors, purple and yellow because they are the LSU team colors, as well as the purple, yellow and green because they are Mardi Gras flag colors. Regarding to the motifs, fleur de lis is repeated, emblem of New Orleans, so as the shape of the map of Louisiana and also the eye of the tiger appears, among others.

Let’s take a look to these Louisiana Themed String Arts!


Louisiana Map String Art 2

We start with this Louisiana State map String Art, which has a heart in the middle wearing the colors green, yellow and purple, as well as the initials NOLA, acronym of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Source: ShopAmbiguouS


Louisiana Map String Art 3

We also love this other version of the map of Louisiana filled with threads of the three colors (yellow, purple and green) and the heart in white. More simple but more impressive. Sorry, but we don’t know the source!

Louisiana Map String Art 4

More elegant and sober is this other Louisiana Map String Art with the fleur-de-lis in the middle and wearing the New Orleans Saints team colors.

Source: MCStringArt 

Louisiana Map String Art

Instead of that, you also can fill the Louisiana map using the LSU team colors for the threads, makins strips!

Source: Pinterest 


LSU Tigers String Art 2

Now, let’s focus on LSU football team and this Tiger Eye Fleur de Lis String Art because it’s stunning! As you can see, the tiger eye is inside the fleur-de-lis shape, all using purple, yellow, white and black threads.

Source: Varagesale LSU Tigers String Art

It is also a good option to create a String Art with LSU initials using yellow threads over a purple painted backgorund. A simple and effective design.

Source: Lousiana House


In case you prefer to pay tribute to New Orleans city, then you can make a String Art with its skyline, like this one. As you can see, the design is in negative, since the threads are the sky and in the shape of the buildings.

Source: CactusCustomDesigns 



New Orleans Saints String Art 2

Are you a New Orleans Saints team fan? Then you will love this String Art with the fleur-de-lis on a background of golden brown and black stripes.

Source: TheRusticWillows


New Orleans Saints String Art

As you know, the New Orleans Saints are a football team, so it’s a great idea to make a helmet-shaped string art with the fleur-de-lis inside.



Fleur de Lis Louisiana String Art

If we mix fleur-de-lis shape and yellow, purple and green colours, we have the representation of New Orleans Mardi Gras. So this String Art is wonderful to celebrate that! Sorry, but we haven’t found the source.


We hope you liked these Louisiana Themed String Arts and we encourage you to do a DIY to celebrate the greatness of this state. We hope also to see you soon here, more posts are coming!


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