Ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own String Art


Halloween is coming and now it’s the perfect time to start to make Halloween themed crafts and projects. Previously, we have posted Three Halloween animals: bat, spider and cat String Art and some Pumpking String Art, but today we are inspired by the quote “You say witch like it’s a bad thing” and we are fancy focusing on witch String Art projects. So let’s go!


Witch of Oz String Art


Our favorite project is this one by Strings by Samantha. As you can see by the shape and the colour, it’s a Wizard of Oz String Art and it’s absolutely perfect to decorate a Halloween party or to put in your home, café or shop to create this terrific and classical atmosphere.


Witch of Oz free template

To make yourself this wonderful String Art, maybe it’s a good idea to download this template for free. Print it, put it on the wooden board and hammer the nails around the silhouette. Then, cross the green Strings as you see on the image.


Witch Hat String Art

The second idea that we suggest is this Witch Hat String art with the belt in purple made by MavellaDesigns. This one it’s easy to make and you only need a wooden board, nails and purple, black and white strings.


Witch Hat free template

If you feel like doing this Witch Hat String Art yourself, here you have this printable free template. Its shape it’s very similar to the previous String Art.



Witch Hat String Art 2

If you prefer the orange colour to suit with the pumpkins, maybe you can change the designs and put the witch hat belt in orange, like MBWoodenCreations has done in this creation. Really lovely, don’t you think so?

As always, we hope that you have loved these witch String Art and that, now, you feel like making it right now! See you soon!



Hey, guys! How are you doing? We are great and, as always, searching for new and original ideas to make new String Art projects. Today we want to show you this idea because we think that it’s perfect to give as a present to a gentleman: a Bow tie String Art. The shape is funny and easy to make.

First of all, here you have the bow tie template. Free download, as usual!
Bow tie String Art free tenplate

Once you have printed the template, maybe you already know that you have to put it on a board (wood or cardboard) and pin nails following the shape. Remove the paper template and the next step is to tie the threads over the pins and make this kind of net.

Let’s take a look to these designs!

Bow tie String Art for men

This one i’ts a cute bowtie String Art made by HeartlandHomes. It’s a good idea to use a black wooden board and white string. It’s nice also to paint the initials of the name using acrylic paint. Try to use a fancy and elegant calligraphy.

This bowtie String Art made by OneRoots has a vintage style (because of the natural wood colour and the yellow string) and it’s perfect for the modern gentlemen. We could image this String Art as a shop or barbershop wall decoration. Very nice one!

Bow tie String Art for babies

Maybe if you want to give a bowtie String Art as a present for a nebowrn child it’s better to make it on a pale wooden board and use baby blue colour strings or threads. Pay attention to the “little gentleman” painted on thew because it’s very cute! This piece was made by Naileditartbydian. It’s no longer avaliable on her Etsy Shop but maybe you can make it youself or ask her to make another customized one.

Top hat, moustache and bowtie String Art DIY

Finally, we have this amazing composition made by beat-it2. As you can see it’s a top hat, moustache and bowtie String Art and it’s great as a handmade gift to a father, boyfriend or brother, specially if they love this style and they consider themselves as a gentelmen.

As always, we hope you have loved these String Art projects and we encourage you to try similar ideas. See you soon!


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