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String Art Ideas

Ideas to make your own String Art craft.

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String art is a fun and fascinating hobby, allowing you to be creative both artistically and in problem-solving. It is a medium in which math and art come together to create beautiful pieces of work. Beyond this, there are many benefits to string art that exceed the finished work, so if you’re considering having a go, here are some things that may give you that extra motivation.

Benefits of Practicing String Art 2

Mental Exercise

Just like many hobbies, string art stimulates both the artistic and analytical parts of the brain since geometry is a critical element in creating pieces. Research has shown hobbies that require thought, planning and strategy, including card games like poker, Sudoku, crosswords and art can improve cognitive performance by developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Indeed, string art may be able to keep you young for a little while longer. People who take up artistic hobbies like string art in old age or a little earlier are 73 percent less likely to have trouble with their memory and mental abilities as they age. Research conducted by the American Academy of Neurology found that creating art can help older people from cognitive issues, including those that lead to dementia.


It’s not only the older persons that can benefit mentally from string art. The geometric patterns and critical thinking required to create pieces of string art can teach these critical skills to younger people. They can make an excellent weekend or holiday projects, providing new and different mental stimulation to video games and TV. Learning patience is also a crucial life skill, and string art can provide an opportunity to develop this.

Stress Relief

Art can also be therapeutic, helping to drown out external factors like work to focus on creating a new piece of string art. Reducing stress levels is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially since excessive prolonged stress has linked to a whole range of physiological and mental health problems. Putting a lot of effort into a new string art project can create structure to a day and create a much-needed distraction. Once it’s completed, you’re likely to feel a great sense of accomplishment when the fruits of your hard work become visible.

Benefits of Practicing String Art 1

Boosting Your Social Life

Hobbies are excellent ways to make friends, whether they’re with new people or strengthening the bonds with existing relationships. Sharing tips and celebrating each other’s work can provide a common interest to build friendships. Many mental health benefits have linked to having a strong social life, and string art can provide the basis to build such relationships. For families, string art can provide the same structure to build relationships around this shared hobby.

String art is an excellent way to relax and unwind, no matter whether you’re a beginner getting to grips with string or an avid artist who loves to make intricate pieces of string art. It is a way to improve mental health, keep the mind sharp, build your social life and even learn geometry. So, there is no reason not to give it a go. You can even check out the many string art patterns and templates available here to help you get started.

String Art heart

String art has a long and fascinating history


Whether you’re an avid string artist or you simply love to admire the handiwork of others, there is no doubt that string art has an allure all of its very own. The intricate patterns, geometric shapes, seemingly impossible depictions of realistic portraits and endless hours taken to create the artworks leave even a novice baffled and bewitched. So where did this incredible art form begin and how did it become the amazing string art we know and love today?

Where it all started

While many claim that there is only one true originator of string art, it is fairer to say that there were several people involved in its creation. One of these people was a truly remarkable Englishwoman named Mary Everest Boole who lived from 1832 to 1916. Self-taught in mathematics, Boole worked in the academic field and was lauded for her innovation when it came to teaching methods, particularly geometry. She encouraged learning about geometry through playful activities, such as curve stitching. This method made it possible to create curves using straight lines, a task that might seem impossible on first impressions. It was not to be the first time that games, art and mathematics all intersected; later some would consider video games to be art, while others would see the artistic beauty in playing mathematical strategy games such as blackjack and poker.

Artists discover the possibilities

In 1937, British artist Henry Moore began to produce a collection of sculptures featuring string, citing mathematic models at the London Science Museum as inspiration. He said, “It wasn’t the scientific study of these models but the ability to look through the strings as with a birdcage and to see one form with another which excited me”. Artists Naum Gabo and Barbara Hepworth continued to explore string art in mathematical sculptures, expanding the art form and taking it to new levels.

The first example of a site-specific string installation was exhibited by Marcel Duchamp in New York in 1942. Inspired by mathematical surface models, Duchamp’s installation used precisely sixteen miles of string to create the finished artwork, which pushed the boundaries of art and laid the foundations for the string art we know today.



It’s amazing what can be created from a simple ball of yarn


Bézier’s curve

Another contributor to the launch of the string art phenomenon was Paul de Casteljau, a French mathematician and physicist who worked for Citröen. In 1959, he developed an algorithm for evaluating calculations of curves, which was then adapted and popularised by French inventor, mathematician and engineer Pierre Bézier in the 1960s. Bézier used the formula to design the curves of the bodywork of Renault cars, as the curve system allowed him to describe any second-degree type of curve with just four points. These are the same mathematical principals used in string art.

Mathematics becomes fun

When Bézier’s curve was publicised in 1962, it was originally intended as a serious mathematical application to assist designers and engineers with construction. But a savvy designer named John Eichinger who worked for the Open Door Company in Los Gatos, California noticed that the art made by this calculation had a lot of potential for fun. As a child, Eichinger had enjoyed drawing geometric shapes and used these skills as a foundation for creating intricate string mandalas. By using his own knowledge of string art and the principals of Beziér’s curve, he began to design string art kits to be sold as teaching methods and hobby crafts.

Art as we know it

Before long, homes around the world had string art hanging on the walls. From do-it-yourself hobby kits popularized by John Eichinger to fascinating art installations created by dedicated string artists, the art form had made a name for itself on a global scale and showed no signs of slowing down. Artist Fred Sandback produced the first of his string sculptures in 1967 and was considered a pioneer in his field. In the early 1970s, Japanese artist Kazuko Miyamoto began creating string-based installations which continue to influence string artists, such as Ines Esnal and Tomás Saraceno to this day.

As string art continues to evolve and develop with each artist, it is fair to say that the possibilities for this art form are endless.



Yeah! Summer is comming! Do you already know where you’re going to spend your holidays this year? If not, you can always take a look at travel blog and discover new destinations to which we are sure you will love to go on holiday. Since we are in summer mod, we are looking forward to start making Summer Strings Arts, so we have looked for String Arts ideas that represent the summer colours, the summer vibes, the summer activities and and the most typical foods of this time of the year. Let’s take a look!



Summer String Art Watermelon

by MushBugCrafts

Let’s welcome the summer by eating a watermelon and saying: Hello Summer! It is a String Art very fresh, colorful and with a good lettering,


Summer String Art Waves

by CoastalCreationsNJ


If something we like about this summer String Art is that the support is made of sea wood. Of course, the waves represent very well the summer mod and the surfing mood. Notice also the white to blue gradient of the threads, because it’s great.


Summer String Art Desert island

by TheHoneyedHeifer

Anyoe’s drem is to spend a few days on a deserted island with palm trees and ber able to enjoy the sun, the sea and peace. This String Art express and capture this feeling perfectly.


Summer String Art Flip flop

by Ahmed Sherif

What about the pleasant sensation of taking off your shoes, putting on your flip-flops and feeling the sand on your feet? This String Art gives us the feeling of walking on the beach and we love it.


Summer String Art Popsicle

by chalkandglittergirl


mouthwatering is is what we experience when we see this popsicle and how good it feels to eat one when it’s hot outside. This String Art gives very well the freshness of ice and the taste of summer.


Summer String Art Mermaid

by PetalsandPetrichor


In our imagination it’s also connected the sea with mermaids, so we like this ver stimulating String Art, tale mermaid shaped, with the quote: “mMrmaid kisses and starfish wishes” written in a very good lettering.


Summer String Art turtle

by JerseyDesignsUS


We all love to see baby turtles on the beach or watch them swim when we are doing snorkle. It’s a magical moment. That’s why we also think it’s a good idea to make a turtle String Art using beautiful blue and green sea colors.


Summer String Art Seahorses

by SoCraftyInBrixham


Like turtles, seahorses are animals that represent the summer spirit very well. We love the idea of making a String Art with three seahorses, one of each color, on sea wood base.


Summer String Art Bicycle

by ABUnderwoodCo2

Imagine for a moment go across your village, the countryside or an island on a bicycle… you can’t ask more of summer: feel the freedom and the wind in your face… Bicycles are for summer and this StringArt proves it,


Summer String Art Sunset

by BrittasDreamDesigns


We finish our selection with this gorgeous sunset String Art of created with warm colors threads, such as yellow, coral, orange and pink, forming a precious gradient that fits perfectly with the topic. We can feel the calmness of this sunset!


Did you like these summer String Art ideas? Has someone conquered you and do you want to make it right now? So… Go for it and see you soon!


There are many ways to decorate a beach apartment in Mediterranean areas. Without a doubt, in these apartments a good idea is to place on the walls String Art Coastal Style or Nautical Style. If you are lucky enough to own an apartment or a house in that part of the world, take a look at the 10 Coastal String Art ideas cthat we will show you below.


String Art Coastal Style or Nautical Style

There is nothing better than the rumor of the waves under the sun, so this String Art is great for decorating an apartment or a house on the beach. Design by Julie’s Custom String Design.


String Art Coastal Style or Nautical Style 3

The lighthouses, besides being precious constructions, are a metaphor for that which gives us light and guides us. Therefore, a lighthouse String Art is also perfect for this kind of apartments.


String Art Coastal Style or Nautical Style 6

We love the surfing ambience. If you do too, you’ll love this Surfer Van String Art to decorate your home, wich design includes a surfboard and a painted quote that says: “I’m moving to the beach”.


String Art Coastal Style or Nautical Style 5

As the lighthouse, the wheelboat or rudder is also a metaphor. In addition to its beautiful design, it means that it guides us either to the adventures of the sea or to the calm of the land. You choose, but the String Art is so lovely!


String Art Coastal Style or Nautical Style 9

Here we have another perfect String Art to decorate a beach apartment or a house with nautical style decoration. As you can see, it is an anchor in navy blue threads with a marine rope around it that gives it a special touch to this beautiful design.


String Art Coastal Style or Nautical Style 8


The wind rose or the compass, like the lighthouse, the rudder or the anchor, has a lot of meaning for sailors, as it is what guides them to get the perfect trip and to reach the success. This  String Art design with the rose of the winds in white threads and the cardinal points painted is ideal for apartments on the beach.


7. SEAHORSE STRING ARTString Art Coastal Style or Nautical Style 10

We love seahorses so much! They are very nice animals with an original shape. Notice that this String Art has a base of seashells and the threads around them make a net. Really different and fun.


String Art Coastal Style or Nautical Style 2

What about octopus? They are also very special animals, wild, intelligent, smart and with a very curious shape, which makes them perfect for a String Art. Don’t you think? Pay attention that the shape of the octopus is surrounded by sea rope. To improve it, we would put white or blue threads inside.


String Art Coastal Style or Nautical Style 7

There is no sea without fish, that’s why this Sting Art fish is also a good option to decorate an apartment on the beach. Just like the octopus, instead of threads, sea ropes are used. The body of the fish is painted in of gradient blues. So nice!



String Art Coastal Style or Nautical Style 2

We finish with this project where the most important thing is the lettering that says “The beach is my happy place”. To decorate it, there are two String Art, one of a shell and another of a starfish. Modern and adorable.


We hope you liked these Coastal String Art and Nautical String Art Ideas and we encourage you to decorate your propierty on the beach with one of these artworks.  What do you think about them? Leave us a comment! See you soon!

Mother’s Day is near and it is always a good time to give away a craft that shows your affection, attention and love for her. It’s easy to buy a gift, but it’s more meaningful if you give a craft or a DIY. That’s why today we propose to you the 10 best Mother’s Day String Art with differents designs and colors. Choose the design that you think your mother will like more, taking into account her preferences. If she is modern, romantic, cheesy… Pay attention to these pieces because they are small workarts that your mother will love.


Mother's Day String Art 6

We like this String Art with pink MOM letters and a modern type. It’s perfect for young, femenine and modern mothers. Desing by Carben Design Studio.


Mother's Day String Art 8

Mother’s Day is an excellent time to give tulips. If you want them to last forever, make a String Art with tulips  like these. It’s a wonderful design by StringsAndStrokesArt.


Mother's Day String Art 7

Word Search game and Scrabble is a smart and fun game. We love the idea of uniting words that define your mother, such as aMazing, suppOrtive, beauTiful, Happy, patiEnt and caRing. This design is by CustomizedByAshley.



Mother's Day String Art 3

Of course, it is also a good idea to make a String Art of a red heart and to put the word MOM on top of it on a cardboard or a piece of leather. It maintains the handcrafted touch and with some old school point.- You can buy it at Amazon or Do It Yourself because it’s easy.

M ❤ M

Mother's Day String Art 9

In the first String Art we have already seen the idea that the “O” of “MOM” is a heart. Here this fact is still more visible since there are three wooden boards and the middle one is a Strin Art red heart. We love the design and you can buy it at Wantitall or DIY.


Write down the idea of adding your photos to the Mother’s Day String Art because it is a detail that your mother will like. Also, in this video the creator show you step by step how to do it. Easy and beautiful.




Mother's Day String Art 4

Negative letters means that all the space around the letters is filled up with threads and the word MOM is seen because it does not have threads on it, but the wood on the background appears. By this fact, this Mothers Day String Art is original and different from the rest. Lovely desing by Lily Ardor.


Mother's Day String Art

This design with a red heart is very passionate. In it we can read the word MOM in the middle made with white threads ina b bold type letters. For romantic and passionate moms. Great design via San Clemente Times.


Mother's Day String Art 2


Although the design of the letters and the concept is similar to the previous ones, what makes this Mother’s Day String Art different are the colors, which instead of being red, are made in pastel tones or soft colors. It’s perfect for sentimental and romantic mothers. You can buy it at Etsy. If not, you can DIY because it’s not very difficult.


Mother's Day String Art 5

We finished this selection with a different design because it pays attention to calligraphy. Her creator has written the word “mother” with a beautiful calligraphy or bouncing lettering between classic and modern that gives it a special touch. Design by EclecticGreetings.


As always, we hope you liked what we consider the 10 best Mother’s Day String Art and that among them you will find the one you like the most to give to your mother.

Mountain String Arts are an ideal choice for decorating your living room with the taste of nature and traditional artwork. There are several ways to draw a mountain with threads: one is more realistic, with complex shapes and shadows and another simpler, with geometric shapes that give it the appearance of abstract mountains.

Here are two mountain templates, one realistic and the other geometric. Afterwards, we will see a step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make a realistic mountain String Art, as it is more complicated. Finally, we show you 10 String Arts mountain designs, some of them realistic and others abstract, so that you can be inspired by their designs and make your own DIY.



As mentioned above, the first thing to do is to download and print the Mountain String Art template of your choice. Here are two examples. They’re easy to draw, so if you don’t have a printer, you can take them as a reference and draw their shapes on top of the piece of wood or canvas.

Mountain Pattern String Art

Mountain Pattern String Art geometric 2

Download full size here


Since making a realistic Mountain String Art is more complicated, here’s a step-by-step tutorial by HANDMADE STUDIO Golden Sun so you can easily follow the process. As you can see, he draws the mountain directly with a pencil on top of the wood, but you can put the paper and nail the nails on top. The most difficult part is to make the shadows with threads, they don’t have to be black, they can also be white, so stay tuned.



Now that you know how to draw mountains and how to make String Art, it’s time to show you different Mountain String Art designs so you can decide which style you like best. Let’s take a look:


Via The Woolly Bugger 

This white mountain String Art design on grey wood with red and orange trees is simply beautiful.

String Art Mountains 2

Via Distant Realms

The mountains in white thread on a background of dark wood look very good, as you can see. They look like snowy mountains.

Via Bigantic

In this other mountain String Art we see again the design in white thread on a dark wood background, but with the novelty that it also adds a white tree and a bear in the foreground.

Via CrookedTreeTraders

And still another design similar to the previous ones, but with different size and a lighter wood color.


Via byHANDstringart

We changed the design for one where the mountains appear flatter and more colorful, as if it were a drawing made by children. We love the colors, as well as the road and trees in the foreground.

String Art Mountains 6

Via StencilsStudios

We entered fully into a more geometric and abstract style of drawing mountains Strin Art, with triangles only. Notice also how they has pulled the String Art threads, straight and vertical, which adds a curious height effect to the mountains.

String Art Mountains 8

Via indigorosedesignco

In this design they have also drawn mountains with triangles and with depth effect. What stands out is that they have added a nice painted lettering that says “Adventure Awaits”

String Art Mountains 7

Via Krisjsmitty

We love this mountain string Art especially for the colors that it has chosen, different to the previous ones, in orange and brown tones, that give it an air of autumn. Notice also that they have added the reflection of the mountains below and it seems that there is a lake.

String Art Mountains 9

Via jennyweasley

These geometric mountains in blue tones are also precious and also have their reflection in the lower part. The sun in warm tones are a good counterpoint to the composition.

String Art Mountains 10

Via The Woolly Bugger 

We finished with this beautiful and colorful design in which they have decided that the mountains are fuchsia, pink and white to give a more vivid effect. The chairlift on top is funny.


We hope that  you liked these mountain String art Templates, the step-by-step tutorial and the 10 designs and that them has inspired you to create your own mountain string art DIY right now. Come on!

Whether you are passionate about cars, or want to make a Car String Art to a car enthusiast, you have to take a look at these String Arts that we suggest you. Only with wood, color threads of  and nails, the creators, craftsmen, craftswomen and artists manage to recreate the shapes of the most mythical cars in history, some famous movie cars and also some themed cars. By the way, if you need malaga car hire, take a look at Niza Cars, the company most chosen by users in the United Kingdom for car rental in Malaga. Now, we start with the 10 Best Car String Arts! (Well… actually, there are 12, 2 bonus extra!)


String Art Car Ford Mustang 68

We start with the mythical 1968 Ford Mustang String Art, one of the most appreciated cars in history. It’s a good work of @lsd_stringart with a nice perspective and full of details.


String Art Car Beetle

String Art Car Beetle 12

Here we have two views of another of the most famous cars in history, the Volkswagen Beetle. As you can see, you can make the String Art car with lateral view, with perspective or front. It is recognizable anyway and it looks great. These works are created by Filografistan and Tie One On With Lucy.



String Art Car volkswagen Van 2 String Art Car volkswagen Van

If you are a hippie or a hipster, these String Art will drive you crazy, literally. Volkswagen Van is the best to travel around the country or to surf. This String Art is a great gift for surfers!


String Art Car Mini Cooper

What do you think about this Mini Cooper String Art? Surely Marsh has had a happy 25th anniversary with this wonderful gift amde by @the.stringarts.



The vintage race cars are beautiful and perfects for decorate from a children’s room, until a mecanic workshop or a vintage coffee shop. This String Art is delicious! By UrbanHoot.


String Art Car Lightning McQueen

How much love we have for this character from the movie Cars and how much fun have we had watching it! A Lightning McQueen String Art is a perfect gift for a kid. This work is made by La Hilería.


String Art Car Tow Mate Mater

If the kid prefers Tow “Mate” Mater, also from the movie “Cars”, is another charming character whose String Art looks funny and sweet. Also by La Hilería.


String Art Car Toy

Maybe you want to make the String Art Car with a kid and you are looking for an easy design, that’s why we suggest this toy car, easy to make and perfect to decorate nursery or kids bedroom. This craft is by TheHonakerHomeMaker.


String Art Car Christmas Truck

In case you prefer a themed String Art to decorate your home at Christmas, here is a Christmas truck Stringf Art carrying a Christmas tree that is beautiful, easy to make and full of Christmas spirit.


String Art Car Just Married


We finish with this wonderful Just Married Car String Art and we think it is a good wedding gift. It serves to decorate the wedding salon and is a gift that they will keep all their lives. This one is made by byHANDstringart.

We hope that you have liked these amazing Car String Art and that you are encouraged to make a DIY to decorate your house or as gift to someone you really love. Which one is your favorite? What car would you like to make? We are waiting for your comments! See you soon!


Geometric String Art are the most popular designs. No wonder, because they are really beautiful, colorful and you can put it on the wall to decorate any room. However, there are many difficulty levels. Today we bring you several Easy Geometric String Art designs. There are some very easy projects, which you can even do in math class with kids, and other easy ones that you can do at home without any effort. So let’s take a look to these Easy Geometric String Art ideas!


There are plenty of easy Geometric String Ar designs for kids and to do in math class in order to learn geometry.

We start with these geometric designs because they are the easiest. In fact, they are recommended to do with kids between 5 and 9 years old because they have basic geometric shapes.


Easy String Art Geometric 3

You can increase the level a little more and make this another more complex form, recommended for children over 10 years old because it even plays with the volume. You can see the tutorials of this mats project in babbledabbledo,


Easy String Art Geometric 7

You can also use geometric shapes simples even you are and adult 🙂 , such as pentagons, to make these kind of String Arts. Look at this design of two pentagons in black, a really minimalist and modern design, perfect for decorating a house, You can see the tutorial in A Crafted Passion.



Easy String Art Geometric triangles or mountains

As you can see, combining triangles, a very simple geometric shape, you can make wonderful compositions like these, which look like mountains and their reflection in water. Via Studio DIY.



Easy String Art Geometric Diamond


It is also very easy to make a Diamond String Art, since the diamond is a pure geometric shape. You can see the tutorial step by step in: Deep Purple and Blue.


Easy String Art Geometric heart

As with the diamond, you can make a heart geometrical too, giving it shapes to make it look like it has volume or 3D effect. It is wonderful.



Easy String Art Geometric 6

There is also the possibility of making easy geometric designs that represent animals, as is the case with this deer. Very simple to do and with a nice result.


Easy String Art Geometric 2


It seems an easy geometric shape to cerate a Strig Art, although it is not so much. It is based on the Metatron’s cube, a shape that contains every shape that exists within the universe. WOW! We bring to you the video in order you can understand it better:


Easy String Art Geometric

In addition, you can experiment with different colours and adds an interesting affect to this project. You can see the tutorial step by step to make these  Geometric String Art at Rapid Resizer.

We hope you liked these easy Geometric String Art designs and you are encouraged to carry out some of them. If you have done a project like this, please leave us the link in a comment because we would love to see them! Thanks for reading and for sharing!

The kitchen is a place in our home where nowadays we spend more and more time with our family. It is no longer a lonely spot in the house only reserved for the person who cooks, but it is a space of coexistence and that is why we have to pay maximum attention to all aspects, and that includes decoration.

It is also a place where a lot of waste is produced and, to properly manage this waste and in order to take care of the environment, we have to take into account the waste sorting and to have low profile garbage disposals installed for organic waste, thus reduce the carbon footprint since we are reducing CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles such as garbage truck, according to Garbage Disposal Mag.

In this post we will see how to decorate the kitchen with String Art DIY to make it a more nice, creative and familiar place. A spot in our home to feel comfortable while we are cooking, eating or just hanging out with our family.


String Art Kitchen

We love these three String Art that summarize or offer an overview about what is done in a kitchen: cooking, eating and drinking. The symbols they have chosen, such as the chef hat, the cutlery or the coffee cup, are great.


String Art Kitchen The Secret Ingredient

Maybe the quote “The secret ingredient is always love” is a little bit cheesy but it’s also true and cute, even more because its design is very cool and modern and the lettering it’s great.


String Art Kitchen Bon appetit

What do we say when we sit at the table? Enjoy your meal! or Bon appetit! Maybe it’s a French expression but it’s very used and very nice, so it’s welcome in our kitchen.


String Art Kitchen Cutlery 2

As we have just said, enjoy your meal! is one of the most used expressions before eating, so this String Art with cutlery and the word “Enjoy” composed with a nice lettering is a good kitchen decorating idea.



String Art Kitchen Cutlery

Cutlery is very present in the kitchen, so making a fork, spoon or knife String Art with is a good option, even better if the String Art is created on a slice of wood, perfect for decorating a rustic kitchen.


String Art Kitchen Beer Bottle

Do you feel like Homer Simpson and what you like most in the kitchen is that there are cold beers? So this is your ultimate String Art where the threads and the bottle caps are combined.

String Art Kitchen Wine Glass

“Sherry, Niles?” We are sure that this Frasier quote sounds familiar to you. The kitchen is a nice place to enjoy a good wine before dinner or while cooking, so this String Art made with corks and threads it’s just excellent.

String Art Kitchen Coffee

We are literaly nobody until we have a coffee in the morning in the kitchen, that’s why this steaming cup of coffee String Art is so appropriate.



String Art Kitchen Burger

Are you a big fan burger? Or maybe the homemade burger is your specialty in the kitchen? So come on and decore it with this funny String Art.

String Art Kitchen Ice Cream

Maybe your weakness are desserts or ice creams… this String Art is perfect for decorating a vintage or shabby chic kitchen.

We hope you enjoyed these String Art and that you are fancy giving a special touch to your kitchen with these beautiful handmade projects. See you soon!

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