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Strign Art Wedding decoration, road sign

Tell your wedding guests where is the reception, the cocktail and the dance with these funny road signs made with String Art letters. I just adore this idea!

Hi String Art, idea to decorate a entrance hall

I really love put attention on the entrance hall decoration and I like handmade clothes rack like this one. This “Hi” String Art it’s a wonderful idea to give the welcome to your guests!

String Art Love names

This String Art with the couple’s names is jus ta wonderful and lovely dIY idea to decorate a wedding or to give as a gift for your anniversary or Valentine’s day.

Wedding Candy Bar, Yum String Art

“Yum” or “yummy” is the word that comes to your mind when you are in front of a candy bar like this one… am I right? I love this Yum String Art, a perfect idea to decorate this area of your wedding.
So sweet!

Fork and spoon string Art to decorate a restaurant or kitchen

This Fork and spoon String Art made on a trunk slice it’s a good handmade idea to decorate a restaurant or a kitchen. Don’t you think so? As you know, is a very easy craft do DIY.
If you want to make a 70’s style String Art you have to watch this tutorial by Mahmoud Al-qammari. It’s a very nice design and I really like peacock colors chosen. What do you think about it?

Table number String Art, wedding decoration

Over thr last posts, we have seen a couple of ideas to decorate a wedding making String Art crafts.
Today, we want to show you just another wonderful idea. In this case it’s about the wedding table number. It’s perfect to make it on a small wooden board with white threads and nails. Your guests will love and appreciate it!

Penguins Love Strign Art DIY

Valentine’s Day has just happened but it doesn’t matter, here we have a beautiful idea to gave as a present for wedding anniversary or just to celebrate your love and decorate your place. This penguin love String Art is cute and lovely.

Via Briana Lamet Originals on Pinterest

Wedding decoration, Party String Art

“Party” String Art it’s a good idea to tell to your wedding guests where is the party! Nice handmade wedding decoration idea, I really love it!