Ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own String Art

Step by Step

Panduro Hobby Webtube show us how to make a String Art using our pet shape, using a photo of him or her as a pattern.
In this case, it’s a lovely teckel. We encourage you to make the same with your dog, cat, bird or whatever you like. It’s easy and a a great handmade gift or decoration. Go ahead!

When you make a String Art, you can compose every shape with plenty of little shapes inside. For example, here you have a big heart composed by flowers, zigzag, spiral, little hearts and an “S”. I really love it, it0s a great idea to decorate a children or teenager bedroom.
You can learn how to make it by watching this tutorial by ChuladasCreativas-.
I hope you enjoy it!

Heart String Art Cake Topper

The sweetest thing to celebrate Valentine’s day is eat a cake, indeed. But it’s even better if you decorte it with a cake topper with a string art heart.
You can learn how to make it following the steps os this tutorial: Tutorial Heart Cake Topper

Hey guys! Let’s make some crafts using threads and pins. Today we’re going to learn how to make a Tour Eiffel shaped String Art step by step, watching this video.

You can take the image from this link: Tour Eiffel Drawing

I hope you enjoy it!

Via manualidades.kokolikoko

Bicycle String Art tutorial

Hi everyone! Here you have just another great String Art to decorate a cafe, a trendy shop or just a wallroom at your home, with this bicycle string art. It’s even more wonderful if you are a bicyle lover.

In order to do this craft just follow the following instructions.


  • The template which can be downloaded here
  • A thick marker
  • A pine wooden board
  • Spray glue
  • Panel pins
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • A pencil
  • Crochet yarn

Step by step tutorial

Follow carefully these steps to make this craft by yourself.

Step 1

Expand the template or use a design of your choice. We chose a bike, inspired by a photograph. Then, enlarge the template so that you have enough space between the pins of the panel and the design fits your wooden board.

Step 2

Paint your wooden board first, if you prefer. While the paint is being applied to dry, you can plan where you will hammer the pins on the panel in the picture: mark the points with a marker. Remember to leave enough space between the panel pins.

Step 3

Spray glue on the back of the template and stick it to your wooden board.

Step 4

Use a hammer to insert a panel pin at each marked point. You can grasp the pins with pliers if you struggle to hold them with your fingers.

Step 5

When the design is complete, straighten the pins with the pliers or hit them with the hammer to straighten them if they are a little crooked. Remove the paper, starting from a corner.

Step 6

Choose a starting point and tie a double knot around the first pin. Rotate the rope around the head of the next pin and continue in this manner. Although traditional rope art is done strictly according to design, our method is not so specific: you can build your image as you wish. However, try not to rotate the string more than two or three times around the same panel pin and fill in the gaps as you go.

I hope you enjoy making this bicycle string art, looking forward your comments.

As you can see on the video, you just need a piece of paper, a wood or even foam block, a hammer, scissor, pencil, strings and nails. Follow the steps to make by your own this wonderful heart shaped and small string art.
via ColourfulCreativity on Youtube.
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