Ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own String Art


Here you have a lovely an easy String Art project to make with your own or with your kids. You only need:

  • Corkboard
  • Flat Head Thumb Tacks
  • Map Tacks
  • Fabric
  • Monogram or Image for Project (sized to fit corkboard)
  • Sheet of White Tissue Paper
  • Thread


  • Fabric Scissors
  • Marker or Pencil

Follow the step by step showed on the video and enjoy it.
via Kin Community on YOutube.

Wall String Art rounded

As you can see on the image above, this Sting Art is different from other ones because the nails are only on the edges, so the impression is that the strings are on the air. It’s a lovely craft to decorate a wall, isn’t it?
To make this lovely String Art we only need a pencil, a ruler, a scissor, embroidery tread, a hammer, a bunch of nails, rounded and small piece of wood and a heart pattern. After that, you must follow the steps showed on the video tutorial and here you have this nice crafts. It is simple, so you can make it with kids.

via AlishaCraft on YOutube

Flower Shaped String Art

The thing I love the most from this String Art is the fact that the head of the pins are big, rounded and bronze coulour, wich fits a lot with green and pink pale colours from the flower.

String Art free Pattern, Star of David

If you want to make a String Art, Star of David shaped, here you have a free pattern to download. Have a good craft!
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String Art Tutorial, step 1

String Art Tutorial, step 2


String Art Tutorial, step 3

String Art Tutorial, step 4


String Art Tutorial, step 5

String Art Tutorial, step 7

Hi! Here you have a tutorial to learn how to make a geometric String Ar step by step tutorial.
via Monster Patterns
This video is not really a tutorial but a timelapse to watch how Aline Campbell make this awesome String Art. It’s a hole idea of the process. Enjoy it.

Easy String Art ideas to make with kids

As we see on the pic above, String Art crafts are a lovely project to do with kids and teenagers. We can make, for example, a simple piece star shaped pinned on wood, previously painted. After that, they are able to decorate their own space with their lovely DIY piece.
Via Paradise54 on Flickr.

Windmill String Art Free Pattern to download

We bring us today a free pattern to make a wonderful String Art, windmill shaped. We hope it makes you the craft easier.
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Wall String Art, tree

What a lovely wall String Art with a simple tree on wood painted in turqupise… perfect to decorate a living room, a reception or a hall .
via Etsy