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We offer ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own DIY String Art craft, also for kids. Enjoy it!


Spirograph String Art Set, buy onlineSpirograph String Art Set, buy online 2


Spirograph String Art Set, buy online 2

With the Spirograph String Art Set, you can make beautiful string decorations and gifts inspired by Spirographs iconic designs
Watch your string art creations take shape with no sewing or gluing — all you need to do is count and wrap
Includes 250 yds colored string, 35 diecut shapes, 6 self-stick gems, 3 yds satin ribbon, 2 cardboard frames and 2 cardboard backs.
Also includes 1 sheet self-stick magnets, 1 sticker sheet, 1 sheet of adhesive squares and instruction guide.

You can buy it on Amazon for just $38.99: Spirograph String Art Set

It’s amazing when you make the a String Art on a wall, even if you do this over a black board. As you see, this guy has created a Sydney Harbour Bridge String Art and the result it’s pretty impressive.

It’s a nice idea to decorate a coworking space, an office or a cafe. What do you thing about it?

Laura Briggs

Bicycle String Art Biclycle String Art free pattern 3Biclycle String Art free patternBiclycle String Art free pattern 2

A user asked uf for bicycle String Art patterns that she would love to make herself in order to decorate her cafe, that is on a local bicycle trail, so here you have three free patterns that you can use to make it.
We hope that it could help you!

Darth Vader Valentine's String Art TutorialDarth Vader Valentine's String Art free pattern

I really love this Darth Vader with a heart inside String Art, perfect to give to a boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day or for yout anniversary.Here you have the free pattern for download!

You can learn how to make it step by step by visiting: Frame DARTH VADER Art In String (VALENTINE’S DAY BRASIL)

Thanks to Mandy Beyeler for showing us in this video tutorial how to make an easy and colourful DIY eart String Art!
It’s so doable and lovely! We’re going to make it right now!

Mr Mrs String Art, wedding decoration

A small but a nice String Art piece to decorate a wedding on your backyard.

Rustic decoration, France map String Art

This string art map on a old wooden board is a nice way to decorate in a rustic-chic style. In this case, its’s France, but you can make whatever country, city or state you want.

Source: artworkisntwork

If you have a low budget to decorate a wallroom, a shop or a cafe, that’s a nice DIY that you can make. Take a carboard, make a space invaders shape using threads and a needle and frame it. Hang it on the wall and that’s it!Source: Ashur Sweet Dreams


String Art zodiac constellation AriesString Art zodiac constellation AquariusCosmic Beach made two zodiac constellations (aries and aquarius) on a wood piece using nails, paint, and string. Very nice DIY project, a great handmade gift to give to a friend!

Here you have a super easy DIY project to make with teens and kids. It’s a wonderful heart shaped String Art and you can decorate a wallroom with it.
Source: Manualidades Mimi