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We offer ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own DIY String Art craft, also for kids. Enjoy it!
Thanks to Miriam Berenice Alvarez Perez and her video tutorial we can learn how to make String Art patterns using geogebra software. I really find it amazing and very usefull. Let’s make some patterns and print it!

string art paws cat dog name 822x1024 Paw shaped + name String Art

If you love your pet, no matter if it is a cat or dog, this string art paw shaped with his name on it is just lovely.

Via The Cat Art

star trek string art diy Star Trek String Art (circa 1976)

It seems that this Star Trek Strign Art were available in stores around 1976, so it’s unique. You can make this by your own. That’s a great DIY craft to give to a trekkie (a Star Trek Fan). Do you like it? It’s impressive!

Via Craig Wheeler

spider string art old wooden board 558x1024 Spider String Art on a old wooden board

If you find an old wooden board on the beach, take advantage of this, reuse it in order to make a piece of art like this one. Maybe you cant paint it or not, but the String Art project is a good idea to make on it. Do you like spiders? Look at this one!

Via Wannabe punkrocker on Tumblr

feather string art decoration ideas 1 Feather String Art to decorate a wall

feather string art decoration ideas 3 Feather String Art to decorate a wall

feather string art decoration ideas 2 Feather String Art to decorate a wall

Hi, guys! Today we want to show us a wondergul idea. Pay attention to this dark wooden board because it’s fantastic and itself made a great piece to decorate a wall, vintage style. The feather is light and nice, it suits a lot with the mirror and the dressing table.

Via Design Curiosites

deer string art diy 744x1024 Deer String Art, just fabulous!

Just another wonderful deer String Art. A fabulous way to decorate a cafe wall, a bedroom wall or wherever wall you want to hang it.

Via Delapudious

El Jimmy Davila has created this wonderful Jessica Rabit shaped String Art. A reat idea to decorate a pub, a shop ir even to decorate a wall. Learn how to make it watching this tutorial step by step. Bravo!
These String Art were made by Industrial Dessign’s students at Villa de Etla (Oax) secondary school. If you watch this video by Escuela Secundaria Técnica, you’ll find a lot of ideas to make String Art with kids as they learn maths and geometry. That’s great!