String Art DIY

Ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own String Art

batman string art diy Batman String Art

A great Thread and Nail Art, perfect to decorate a teenager o a geeky bedroom icon smile Batman String Art

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owl string art diy Galaxy Owl String Art

Here you have an interesting option: paint a galaxy or cosmic backgrounf on a board and, after that, make the string Art on it. This owl looks more powerful thanks to that, great job by
Here you have a video to learn how to make a geometrical String Art on paper, very easy to make, even with kids at home or school. Nice one by CNagissa

easy string art pins and threads on paper kids String Art on a paper using pins and threads

That’s a nice way to practise before make the string art on a board, a kind of mockup using pins and thread on a paper. Good!


string art names ryan ava decorate wall ideas 2 Ryan & Ava String Art string art names ryan ava decorate wall ideas 1 Ryan & Ava String Art

Have you recently moved to an appartment with your couople? here you have a lovely idea to decorate your walls. Paint differet patterns on a board and write your names with String Art on it. Add a & symbol to make it even better.
vía Rock Your Walls

string art round geometric math class project ideas Geometrical String Art made with thumbtacks and threads, math project idea

y¡-yeah! That’s a super nice idea to make as a math project. It’s a Geometrical String Art made with thumbtacks and tights threads. Very easy! After making it you can decorate the classrom with them.

star string art on board easy ideas crafts Star String Art, very easy!

here you have a star of David String Art on a board, very very easy to make. Enjoy it!
Vía La Ventana Azul