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We offer ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own DIY String Art craft, also for kids. Enjoy it!

string art balloon nursery decoration ideas Ballon String Art

If you have some time, we recommend to visit this site Mr and Mrs Morgan because there are a lot of String Art ideas to decorate a room… There are plenty of lovely artworks and even you can buy it if you like it.

string art diy morocco hat and moustace String Art DIY, morocco and moustache hat

A very original, funny and creative String Art with a morocco hat and a moustache.
Via Minti Wall Decoration
If you really love your state and you want to make a really nice craft to decorate a room, here you have a tutorial by MyPreppyStyle to learn how to make it in a simple way.

mama and papa string art diy Mama & Papa String Art DIY

That’s a nice craft to decorate a nursery or to give as a gift on mother’s o father’s day.
Via Minti Wall Decoration

string art tree ideas wedding decoration String Art Tree, wedding decoration

Wow, that’s a great idea to decorate a wedding or to decorate the table where the guests know the number of his table using these small tags. This tree shaped String Art is lovely!
Via Carneros Inn Napa Wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

string art mushroom Mushroom String Art DIY to decorate a wall

Woow! So lovely this mushroom String Art. A great idea to decorate a baby or kid bedroom or a nursery school!
Via Minti Wall
Here you have a tutorial by The Present Factory where you can learn hoy to make an easy and beautufil craft to give. It’s a “Dream” gradient colour String Art, very easy to do. Your friend, girfriend or sister will love it!