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Wine glass

The kitchen is a place in our home where nowadays we spend more and more time with our family. It is no longer a lonely spot in the house only reserved for the person who cooks, but it is a space of coexistence and that is why we have to pay maximum attention to all aspects, and that includes decoration.

It is also a place where a lot of waste is produced and, to properly manage this waste and in order to take care of the environment, we have to take into account the waste sorting and to have low profile garbage disposals installed for organic waste, thus reduce the carbon footprint since we are reducing CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles such as garbage truck, according to Garbage Disposal Mag.

In this post we will see how to decorate the kitchen with String Art DIY to make it a more nice, creative and familiar place. A spot in our home to feel comfortable while we are cooking, eating or just hanging out with our family.


String Art Kitchen

We love these three String Art that summarize or offer an overview about what is done in a kitchen: cooking, eating and drinking. The symbols they have chosen, such as the chef hat, the cutlery or the coffee cup, are great.


String Art Kitchen The Secret Ingredient

Maybe the quote “The secret ingredient is always love” is a little bit cheesy but it’s also true and cute, even more because its design is very cool and modern and the lettering it’s great.


String Art Kitchen Bon appetit

What do we say when we sit at the table? Enjoy your meal! or Bon appetit! Maybe it’s a French expression but it’s very used and very nice, so it’s welcome in our kitchen.


String Art Kitchen Cutlery 2

As we have just said, enjoy your meal! is one of the most used expressions before eating, so this String Art with cutlery and the word “Enjoy” composed with a nice lettering is a good kitchen decorating idea.



String Art Kitchen Cutlery

Cutlery is very present in the kitchen, so making a fork, spoon or knife String Art with is a good option, even better if the String Art is created on a slice of wood, perfect for decorating a rustic kitchen.


String Art Kitchen Beer Bottle

Do you feel like Homer Simpson and what you like most in the kitchen is that there are cold beers? So this is your ultimate String Art where the threads and the bottle caps are combined.

String Art Kitchen Wine Glass

“Sherry, Niles?” We are sure that this Frasier quote sounds familiar to you. The kitchen is a nice place to enjoy a good wine before dinner or while cooking, so this String Art made with corks and threads it’s just excellent.

String Art Kitchen Coffee

We are literaly nobody until we have a coffee in the morning in the kitchen, that’s why this steaming cup of coffee String Art is so appropriate.



String Art Kitchen Burger

Are you a big fan burger? Or maybe the homemade burger is your specialty in the kitchen? So come on and decore it with this funny String Art.

String Art Kitchen Ice Cream

Maybe your weakness are desserts or ice creams… this String Art is perfect for decorating a vintage or shabby chic kitchen.

We hope you enjoyed these String Art and that you are fancy giving a special touch to your kitchen with these beautiful handmade projects. See you soon!

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