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Nowadays the audiovisual content is booming and more and more people who are dedicated to handcrafts decide to make video tutorials to reach more people. In addition, they can upload these videos to Youtube and other video streaming platforms and, thus ,earn extra money that might use to buy more material for their videos or as an extra source of incomes.

Non copyright music for video turorials

However, these video platforms, especially Youtube, take into account the copyright, especially the musical, and if you edit a video using a song with copyright, it detects it immediately and disables the video monetization. That’s why today we’re going to talk about sites where you can download music without copyright in order to monetize your videos and that cou can see your effort rewarded also financially.

In Patrick de Arteaga’s non-copyrighted music

Non copyright music Patrick Arteaga

We have found a website that we like very much and that is full of songs that are great for handcraft video tutorials and for video games. In Patrick de Arteaga’s non-copyrighted music website each song comes with a description and it’s easy to listen to them without having to download them. If you decide to use one of his songs, the only thing you have to do in return is to add a link to the site in your credit’s project or in the video description box. We encourage you to listen to his list, it is full of surprises and magic sounds.

In Youtube’s Audio Library

Non copyright music Youtube

The Youtube’s Audio Library has some royalty-free songs to put as background music in your videos, there are not many, but they are well selected and ordered. In the classic version of Youtube, it’s easy to access, as you can see in the image. In the Beta version it is less intuitive. You have to go to “Editor” and in the audio bar, click on the musical note symbol ♪ , then “+audio” and, finally, the library opens. There e you can see the list by author, genre, mood, duration, favorites… Then, you just have to click on “add to video” and that’s it.

In Soundcloud Best No Copyright Music Playlist

Non copyright music Soundcloud

We are sure that you’ve used Soundcloud many times to listen to streaming music, especially from little-known musicians, but did you know that it has a royalty-free music section where you can download some songs and use for your video tutorials? Most of them, however, require you to put an attribution, so read each one well, they ask for different things, as they are Creative Commons Music. We recommend to you to follow the playlist “Best No Copyright Music” on Sondcloud and enjoy it.

As you can see, there are many sites where you can download royalty-free music. In this way, in addition to monetizing your videos and earning money, you are helping to spread the work of lesser-known musicians, who need people to give them a chance to become more known.

We hope that these websites and sources have helped you, that many people see your videos and that you earn a lot of money. If so, buy to these independent musicians a license or make a donation to the musicians who offer their songs for free. They would appreciate it!

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