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Do you know Poros? He is an adorable character from the videogame “League of Legends”. Well, today we want to bring to you this videotutorial (sorry, it’s in Spanish) to learn how to make a Poros String Art with, pay attention, it includes LED lights and the result it’s amazing!

To make this, you will need:

  • Wooden board, 30x3o centimetres
  • Nail
  • Hammer
  • Threads
  • Pattern
  • Led strips
  • Transformer
  • Wire
  • Scissors
  • Soldering iron
  • Tin

Then, you have the print or draw the pattern and clue the nails, as we ussually do. Remove the pattern and place the led strips where you want them to be. The wire process it’s better to watch on the video than reading the instructions here. Once the led strips are connected, start to tie the therads over and across the nails.

Once finished, turn on the led lights and voilà, here you have the Poros illuminated! As you can see, the piece could serve as wall lamp and it could be a nice lamp decoration for a kid or teenager beedrom.

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Thanks to 1dalanyo for sharing with us this amazing tutorial and see you soon 🙂

We love deers! That’s a fact, so you can learn how to make a deer String Art to decorate a room, a shop or a cafe. You can see how to make it step by step watching this video tutorial by eleFANTASIAndo
Thanks to this video tutorial we can learn how to make a String Art with different colours and the best way to introduce them in the composition.
Via expertvillage on Youtube
Here you have a video where they explain us how to make a drop or tear shaped String Art, step by step. Simple and nice.
via Artesanias Ari on Youtube.
Here you have a String Art Tutorial to learn how to make a deer head silhouette using threads (sorry because the instructions are in Spanish, ask me if you have any doubt) Nice song, by the way!
via Pepe Oliva on Youtube.
It is obviously a geeky craft, but we love it anyway. This Thread Art is a Zelda Triforce symbol and it’s a nice gift to give to a geeky friend who really loves Zelda videogame.
via iHasCupquake on Youtube.
Be happy! This is the message on this String Art craft. Learn how to make it with this nive tutorial. It’s a nice piece of art to decorate a modern bedroom o to give as a gift. You only need wooden board, a pattern, nails and trads. Come on!
Via Cristina alvaga on Youtube
Here you have a videotutorial to learn how to make a peacock shaped String Art, step by steo. That’s a beautiful craft!
via Александр Лисицын on Youtube
Here you have a videotutorial to learn how to make a rounded String Art on wood, step by step. That’s an easy one, perfect for beginners.
Via 35DHM on Youtube.
Here you have a video tutorial to learn how to make a String Art directly on the wall. That’s a nice decoration for a teenager bedroom. They can write whenever they want but, first of all, think about the holes you can left on the wall!
Via zmatekstudio
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