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String Art

String Wall Art to decorate a bedroom

String Art projects are very innovative to decorate a wall, even if it’s a bedroom wall. I’m loving it so much!

Easy String Art turorial on cardboard

That’s another very easy String Art project to make with kids. Instead to nails on wood, you can also use cardboard and make holes in it. As we see in the images above, you put the string through the hole and tha’ts it all. Suitable to beginners! Do you like it? Share!

String Art Easy for kids, heart shape and buttons

Due to the fact that nails are a little bit dangerous for kids, we propose on this String Art to replace them for buttons or to glue a button on the top and then, you can start with the strings. The heart shape is easy and a great craft to make with kids. Enjoy it!

If you want to decorate a wall with a 70’s style DIY String Art, here you have a great tutorial where they explain us how to make it. It’s lovely and easy! Beginner level!

via ThreadBange

DIY String Art Map with a heart on the middle

That’s an easy DIY Strin Art. You only have to cut your state or country from a map and leave heart cut in the middle. Then, you pin all the nails and, finally, you do all the string job. A bit patriotic but still lovely!
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