Ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own String Art

String Art

Instructions: Using Cardboard Thread Art templates, add metallic yarns or Perle Cotton and beads to create unique designs. Add jewels for a more decorative effect. Do you like it?

via Zart Art Education on Youtube

Peruvian Earring, String Art jewlery

You can make your own jewlery DIY with String Art technique! Here you have peruvian earrings made with treads. Lovely!
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Tree silhouette string art DIY

The thing we love the most on this String Art it’s the inverse way to make the tree silhouette. We really love this DI craft. That’s a wonderful idea to decorate a wall, don’t you think so?
via FORtheLOVEco on Etsy.
It is obviously a geeky craft, but we love it anyway. This Thread Art is a Zelda Triforce symbol and it’s a nice gift to give to a geeky friend who really loves Zelda videogame.
via iHasCupquake on Youtube.

Masterpiece Van Gogh String Art DIy Wall Decor

Here you have two masterpieces: “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Vermeer and “The Sunflowers” by Van Gogh. But wait, there’s something different… they are made using String Art techniques. Awesome!
via Aparment Therapy

Letter H, String art DIY

We love specially this String Art because the wood is painted with a zigzag pattern! That’s a nice craft to give to a Helen, Harriet o whatever…
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Truck or Tractor, String Art for kids

Truck or Tractor, String Art for kids tutorial

Look at this String Art! It’s a tractor and a nice craft to make with your kids beacause it’s very easy. Pay attention at treads, that are thicker than usual, made with a kind of thick wool. Love it!
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