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String Art

Hot Air Balloon and Dario name String Art

Wow, what a wonderful String Art! A nice craft yo give a kid or to decorate a child bedroom. Lovely!
This one is a an easy art project for Kids and a nice cfrat to give on Mother’s day. Btterfiles, love and gratitude. Lovely.
Via EasyMeWorld

String Art on sand beach

Although this ephemeral String Art on sand beach is a great piece of art, won’t last forever, so you can take some ideas: for example, you can put sand beach on a glass box and make the strign art on it. After that, you turn it into a centerpiece or hang on a wall.

String Art panels to decorate a wall

Here you have a nice craft project to do with your kids and decorate a wall room. As you can see on the image, it’s about three squared String Art panels and the effet made on the wall is nice. You can try it on differents colours.
by mshichma

Cock String Art frame, DIY

Wow, a lovely animal and a lovely String Art cock shaped. This could be even more cool if you out a frame on it. That’s a good idea to decorate a farm or a rustic restaurant.

Batman String Art DIY

A great Thread and Nail Art, perfect to decorate a teenager o a geeky bedroom 🙂

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