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To make this wonderful gradient name String Art, first of all, you have to paint the wooden board with alcohol ink. After that, cut out the name pattern, previosly printed on a paper, and put all the letter on the board and encircle the shape of every letter with nails. Right after, start to put all the threads, from red to orange, from orange to yellow… after, blue – purpple – pink – coral. Oh! Don’f forget to remove the letters one you have finished.
The result is amazing! isn’t it? It turns out a great craft to decorate a wall!
Source: Loo

Jack name String Art DIY, kids bedroom

Definitely, that’s a great idea to decorate a nursery or a kids bedoom, or even a play zone. You can learn how to make a custom name String art following the steps in: Custom Name String Art Tutorial

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Hot Air Balloon and Dario name String Art

Wow, what a wonderful String Art! A nice craft yo give a kid or to decorate a child bedroom. Lovely!

String Art Names DIY, Becca

Makins String Art crfracts with names are a great idea to make with kids and teenagers at school or at any workshop. You can see how great can result on the picture above. Ins this case is “Becca” name and the threads are making a colour degradation. Just wonderful.

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String Art DIY name, Alexis

This String Art it’s a nice idea to decorate a kid beedrom. You can write the name with thread art and add some figures like stars. Lovely!
via Nine Red.

Letter String Art fonts to write a name

This font is really awesome and it looks great to write names with String Art technique.
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String Art with your name

No matter what’s your name, you can write it with treads, using String Art techniques. Look at this one, that was used to decorate a wedding… You can also give it to your girlfriend or mum… it’s lovely!