Ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own String Art

String Art Ideas

Ideas to make your own String Art craft.

Simple Christmas Tree String Art for kids with pins

Here you a have a simple and easy craft to make with your kids on Christmas. It’s a Christmas tree String Art mad with pins or thumtacks nailed on polystyrene. It’s wonderful!

Minimalist and round shaped String Art DIY Wall Decor

The simpler, the better and even more if we are talking about wall decoration. Here you have two minimalist ideas to decorate a wall, two round shaped String Art.
Via Nine Red
You can download the free template fot any letter here: String Art Letter Templates
via WeekdayCrafternoon on Youtube
Pin and Thread Art, There's no life without art
You can make simple crafts but you can also make a real piece of art and instalations with pins and treads, what is the same, String Art projects. This quote is absolutely true…
via Cooki’s World

Map String Art DIY

You can make String Art projects on wood, cardboard, walls… but also in canvas, as you see on this picture. If you really love your coçuntry or your city, this Map String Art it’s a good idea. In this case it’s Michigan, what’s yours?
Here they are some ideas to make your own String Art Greeting Card. These are pretty beautifuls and a nice craft to give to your mum, friend or girlfriend for their birthdays or in another special occasion.
via KreatesKards on Youtube

Wall String Art DIY, White Heart

This white heart String Art is a nice and beautiful idea to decorate the main bedroom. That’s a lovely crat to give on Valwentine’s day, don’t you think so?
We have found this picture on Pinterest but we don’t know the source, so sorry! Let us know if you have this information, please. Thanks!

How to make String Art Windmill, free pattern

Follow the instruction and the numbers to learn how to make this String Art with a kind of windmill on it.
You can download this patter for free!
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Here you have a videotutorial to learn how to make a peacock shaped String Art, step by steo. That’s a beautiful craft!
via Александр Лисицын on Youtube