Ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own String Art
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We offer ideas, tutorials, videos and free patterns to make your own DIY String Art craft, also for kids. Enjoy it!


Here you have a tutorial to learn how to make peruvian thread earrings step by a step. Nice one!
via CamilleSharon on Youtube.

String Art DIY tutorial step by ste with names

Here you have a nice tutorial to learn how to make step by step a name string art DIY. Add a frame and it’s even more beautiful! Enjoy it!

Heart String Art made on Cardboard, Valentines and kids

As you know, you can also make String Art projects on cardboard making holes and putting threads through them. Here you have a nice craft idea for Valentine’s Day and it also a DIY project perfect to do with kids. Absolutely lovely!

Colorful String Art on a wall

What a wonderful and colorful String Art! You can decorate a wall with this craft, pinning it on the wall or on a wood board. That’sa nice gift DIY too. Go ahead!
Via The Berry

Letter String Art fonts to write a name

This font is really awesome and it looks great to write names with String Art technique.
Via Nine Red
Gender female symbol is a powerful way to tell the world that you are a girl or a woman and you’re proud of it! You can make a nice craft with this symbol or sign following this nice videotutorial. Girl Power 😉
via Do it, Gurl on Youtube

Copper String Art, deer shaped

Wow! Have you ever imagined that you can make String Art projects with copper threads? Me not! But look at these lovely deers… i just felt in love with them!

via TheMosaicButterfly en Flickr

String or Thread Art butterfly free pattern

Butterflies String Art are always so wonderful! So you can start to make one with this free pattern even this week-end. Let’s go!
via Hobby Blogo

Heart shaped String Art on corkboard to make with kids

Here you have a nice craft to make with kids. It’s easier if you make a String Art project on corkboard, and less dangerous, indeed. That’s a nice idea to decorate a bedroom!
via Apartment Therapy