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Peacock feathers String Art DIY

Wow! This is a massive String Art project, very different from the ones that we are used to see on this blog. There are a pair of Peacock feathers made with strings, but it’s seems closer to an embroidery crafs that to a String Art one. Awesome.

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  • I am the artist of the peacock feather string art. It would have been nice to have been given credit. Not nice to simply pinch people's images. It is not like embroidery. Each piece of string is cut and glued in place, then it is painted like an ordinary painting.

    • admin says:

      So sorry, Cathy, but we didn't know the source because we found it into someone's website, not yours and we didn't know neither the technique. We have already edited the post including your website. Tell us if you prefer that we delete, it It's not a problem for us.
      Sorry again.

  • Thank you. I was concerned as there was no response for several days. I'm not sure now though that my initial comment went through as I made that over a week ago. I'm more than happy for people to share my images but I don't like it if no credit is given, I don't do that to other artists. I appreciate it that it's hard when it comes from another site. If you can remember where, I would appreciate having the link please. Anyway, hopefully now your viewers can see more of my 'string art' with a difference. 🙂

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